Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Tetris Blanket: Progress Update 3

"Another update so quickly, what is she some kind of crochet machine?"

Erm. No. No I am not.

You see I did my last Progress Update and all wasn't really as it should be.

I was still revelling in my Tetris crochet idea being an awesome idea and everything, but even though I'd started to join it all together and it was all exciting, I just wasn't feeling it in the pit of my stomach.

You know that exciting feeling when you're finally seeing your dreams come alive?

(Why yes I do feel rather dramatic today)

It just wasn't happening. I was looking at it and looking at it but I just wasn't bursting with happiness and giddiness. I tried to add a bit more to the blanket, in the hopes that the feelings would kick in and  that maybe it was a blanket that wouldn't really 'come together' until everything was in place. But when you know something's not right, you know it in the pit of my stomach.

The only time my stomach would flip and I'd feel excited about it, is when I turned the blanket over.

Want to know why? I was joining my squares together in black wool and the join around each pre-made Tetromino was picking them out and highlighting  them beautifully.

It was bit like this patchwork crochet blanket I made back in 2010 - I loved the back of that blanket, with the red wool joining all the squares together.

I knew what I had to do....

So I got on the train to Preston this weekend on Friday. Set up my Tablet and watched some Nashville (are you watching it? You should be. Then we can be friends.) and got to work with my scissors. 

Snip snip snip I went, going carefully and trying very hard to be patient, which I generally suck at. I got an incredibly strange look when the woman collecting rubbish on the train saw my hands full of very tiny shreds of black, frayed wool to stuff into her rubbish sack.

Amazingly, it doesn't take as long to destroy something that you've created and by Saturday morning I had completed my work.

I did surprisingly well. There were only two casualties of my snipping - both black squares - in my defense black squares that have been joined with black wool are not easy to get apart and I got a little scissor happy.

So I am back to the beginning again and the plan is to actually continue on the road I was originally travelling down - join up all my Tetromino shapes first (I hadn't done that with the royal blue and purple ones) and then start joining, only this time with the join at the front of the crochet instead of at the back.

It's been a pain but I'd rather do this than make something that I wasn't happy enough about. This blanket is my original idea and I need it to be a success.

And so we begin again...


  1. Noooooooooooooooo. Still can't wait to see the finished item!


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