Friday, 3 May 2013

April Project 365 Round-Up

It was a good old month April you know - lots going on, like Turning 30 and Easter Read-a-thons and all kinds of fun things.


Clockwise L-R: The view from Cloud 23, an old horse in a playground, my crocheted zebra, blue skies! Blinky full of hatred, Riverside Walk in Preston

4th April - I did a 30! Woohoo. Well done me, and I didn't turn into stone or melt or anything. How lovely. I went to Manchester for the day with The Person and we had a cream tea up in Cloud 23. Oh I won't tell you any more about it - click on the link above and read about it yourself you lazy so and so.

13th April - There is a small patch of grass literally around the corner from my sister's house and in all the years they've been living here I've never actually walked round to see it. I took Rosie out for a little run around and went there and found this little fella - he's one of those bouncy springy jobs that you sit on, you know? I don't know when he was put there but I get the feeling he's seen some things. I perched on him for a  while and I hope that made him feel loved.

28th April - Hahahaha I crocheted a thing! A zebra. Happy happy happy, look at his funny little face. I totally did that you know. You can read all about him here.

26th April - Blue skies people, blue skies. Let us all take a moment and look at March's Project 365 Round-Up, specifically at the photo of the snow. Totally unintentionally these photos are exactly one month apart - look at the difference. These are the kinds of things that make me glad I do Project 365.

1st April - There will never be a time when I don't find the look on Blinky's face hilarious. At least she doesn't try to hide her total and utter contempt for us all.

20th April - The Person and I did a walk in Preston. Lovely job. You see this is why it's good that you blog because instead of writing lines and lines about what we did and where we went, I can distract you all with this jazzy link and cleverly get off with saying nothing really at all. I. am. smart.

So there we go. A third of the way through already. That's not a thought that makes me feel ill at all.

As always, all of my Project 365 photos can be found here.


  1. Yay Blinky! I love the look of your new horse friend, much more of a stately character than the horrible bright modern ones :)

  2. Blinky, proof that cats have one emotion: distain. Know what you mean about the weather, I'm so suprised that is finally spring, I keep noticing budding trees and the like in a way I haven't in previous years when I have taken it all for granted. Now developed an annoying habit of pointing out signs of spring to anyone I'm with. "Look at these tulips, just look at them!"

  3. Blinky's face cracks me up everytime. My aunty's old grumpy cat, Molly, was so evil she hissed at anybody who dared look in her direction.

    Great zebra too! Any plans for a crocheted zoo?

    1. Well between you, me and the gatepost, I'm already working on another animal!


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