Saturday, 4 May 2013

5 Favourite Blogs - BEDM Day 4

Good lord I've made it this far. I'm feeling quite weak at the knees you know. This is a lot of blogging for someone with my previous form. I think the best tactic to follow is to take things very slowly. Let's not look at the big picture, let's set myself a small goal and see if I can achieve it. Let's just make it to 5 days, yeah?

Something I probably should have mentioned before now is that BEDM is the brainchild of Elizabeth over at Rosalilium and as well as encouraging everyone to have a go she has also handily put together a calendar of topics for us to tackle.

I know. I have not been following the calendar of topics. And the reason for this is two-fold.
1. When I started I didn't realise there was a calendar of topics.
2. I'd already written two posts and I couldn't let those bad boys go to waste - I think we've all enjoyed reading my rant about racism in football and a round-up post of April's Project 365 photos amiright?
3. I have been assured by Elizabeth that I don't have to follow the calendar of topics.

But thank goodness she did provide some topics because otherwise I'd be scratting around at the bottom of an empty bag at the moment, trying to find something to talk about. This is a worrying thought as we're only 4 days in, but let us swiftly move on and never mention it again.

Happy Saturday everyone. Today's topic is my 5 Favourite Blogs. 

Obviously this is the point where I say something along the lines of "how could I pick so many? I read so many blogs? Lots of different kinds of blogs....yadda yadda yadda." 

Here are 5 blogs that are my favourites for many different reasons.

Little Tin Bird - how could she not be in here? She's not only my internet friend, she's totally my REAL-LIFE friend too. This girl taught me to crochet for gawd's sake. I'm not kidding, she really did. I followed her tutorial on her blog and I can actually remember the moment that it clicked, sitting at my Dad's house where I was dog-sitting and excitedly e-mailing Heather to say "I totally GET IT!"

For those not in the know Heather is now a Mumsie. Normally that would strike the fear of god in me and I would roll my eyes and start singing Another One Bites The Dust but not so with the Heatherino. She manages to talk about Tiny Tin Bird in a way which is not; 
a) Alienating
b) Boring
c) Gross (see my next favourite blog)
And much more importantly, she doesn't always talk about him anyway! I know! A mother who doesn't constantly talk about her offspring. Brilliant. I've spoken before about how much I loves her, I won't say any more or she'll get a massive head.

STFU Parents - I have American Girl to thank for putting me on to this one. This makes me howl every time I read it. The premise is simple - people submit examples of parents who have overshared about their child on Facebook in some way. You will die when you see what some people are prepared to put up there. 

And even if you are averse to the gross stuff, there's stuff for you too. You will learn about the phrase Mommyjacking, which I will leave for to find out and you will be astounded at the parents who really honestly truly believe they have spawned the most important being in the whole world.

Nie Nie Dialogues - Hang on a minute. American Girl put me on to this one too. In short. Stephanie is a Mormon. She was in a plane crash which burnt over 80% of her body. She somehow survived. She blogged before, she blogs now and I believe she is an inspiration. Yes it is a little twee at times but before you roll her eyes you have to remember what this woman has been through and I really strongly believe that if she didn't have her faith, she wouldn't have got through it - how could you if you didn't think there was a purpose to your life?

She has cute kids too.

This blog has sparked an unhealthy obsession that I have with Mormons. I'm not even sorry.

The Cafe Cat - She writes how I want to write. That is all. I'm too jealous to say any more.

A Rosie Outlook - A new one to my blogroll, I had the pleasure of meeting Rosie when we had our bloggers weekend away in March (yay Team Norbury!) and her blog has become one that I genuinely look forward to reading. It has just the right mix of topics in there that it feels fresh and exciting to read and she has a wonderful writing ability which I suspect she doesn't realise she has. It's not easy to write blogs, as I prove on a regular basis, Rosie has a real talent.

Oh and she owns this dog.

So obviously the blog is worth reading for that alone.


Sorry if you're not on the list. It probably means I hate you.


  1. I have a MASSIVE HEAD now thanks to you. I will have to get TTB (who is awesome) to perform head surgery (cos he is a genius with ace motor skills) so that I can get through the door now. THANKS. (Loves you tooooo xxx)

    But Nie Nie? Lol. You need to get on "Free Jinger" at some point. xx

  2. OH I SEE. Sorry for asking via Twitter. I have a bad habit of looking at notifications on my phone and then not investigating further... Thanks! That's a pretty nice thing to say. Although it works both ways baby... I love the way you write. You never fail to crack me up :) xxx

  3. haha! I can't believe you chose my sister over me! Outrage... Still she works a lot harder at her writing than I do so I forgive you... xxx


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