Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Tetris blanket: Progress Update 2

Let's do a Tetris Blanket update shall we?

After my last update post progress on the Tetris Blanket has been stalled as I've been busy crocheting up a little menagerie. Two zebras and an elephant have flown off my hook in the intervening couple of months and not a lot else has happened.

After my disappointment of the disaster that was the Hull 10km I was not in a good mood for the rest of Sunday. I slouched and moped about and huffed and puffed and basically sulked all day.

Until I decided I would turn to my Tetris crochet.

Sunday wouldn't be the day that I didn't run 10km, it would be the day that I joined my first row of blanket together...

I had a re-think since my last update post. I had been merrily crocheting my Tetromino shapes together with the intention to then crochet them all together that way. But it hit me that I might be better off just leaving the squares separate and joining them as I went to avoid any of the inevitable creasing that you get when you join  squares together.

Of course this revelation only came to me after I'd crocheted 5 out of the 7 shapes I needed. But hey it was a kind of good idea.

I have to say though that I don't think it's made a huge difference - the pre-made Tetrominos haven't joined together in any worse shape than the separate ones. I was a little worried I'd made a huge error pre-making them but I've been relieved that that hasn't been the case.

What has been amazing is how quickly this worked up. I went from the above picture to the below one in the space of a night...


Oh yeah. Tetris Blanket me up until the cows come home.

I am loving this people. I remain convinced this was an excellent idea.

I've got a lot longer to go and there will be a stalling period as I still have to crochet approximately 12 billion black squares (and we haven't got started on the border yet which I think may be more squares), but I will join as much as I can until then because I want to and because I can.

But before I do more of that I have a penguin to crochet...


  1. I love it when crochet saves the day. Btw, I think you could do rows of trebles as a border instead of more squares, I can show you how if you like. More squares might detract from the squariness of the tetronimos. xx

    1. I was totally thinking about doing that. But I'll have to do so many because I feel like it really needs a massive thick border. One to discuss once I've finished it in about a year's time.

  2. Ah, a Tetris blanket! I started one last week, I've worked out I need 58 black squares. That is so boring! So I am making myself do 10 black squares before I am allowed to do any brighter colours, otherwise I know I would do all the pretty colours and then find myself with an awful lot of black to do! Each of my squares will have a border of black as I think this will make them stand out a bit better. So there is even more black involved! Really looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  3. Looking great, you've come along way since the manor. Can't wait to see the finished blanket.

  4. This is going to be awesome!

  5. ooh, looking good! All your effort will be well worth it :) x

  6. Ahh this has come along really quickly, I love it!

    Maria xxx


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