Monday, 20 May 2013


Take one body...

Add four legs...

Add one head...

And what have you got?



Actually you have an elephant with a slight neurological problem. I think I needed to space his legs out a bit more because he doesn't really stand very well. It's that massive trunk and head you see - they make him a little top heavy.

One of my favourite parts of him are his ears. When I was making them I was more than a little sceptical because they didn't seem ear-shaped. But you just basically knit a cup-shape and then squeeze it together like so...

And then you attach them to his head. LOOK AT THEM.

 Also. Look at his pretty eyelashes

Despite his issues with standing I love this guy pretty much a lot, and whilst zebra is special, there's just something about elephant that makes me smile. Maybe it's his big squishy behind?

Or maybe it's his little smile?

But whatever it is, I'm going to find it hard to give this guy away.


A couple of notes:

Pattern is from this book.

Yarn used is Stylecraft, Aster - to see what colour it really is you need to refer to the top pictures of the separate components before they were stitched together. The photos after were fiddled with quite extensively on PicMonkey because I took them late at night on my camera phone and you basically couldn't see anything. That would have been rubbish.


  1. That is the friendliest looking elephant I've ever seen :)

  2. I love that elephant. Such a happy little soul.

  3. It's his lovely tilty head!

  4. This is the best elephant EVER!

    Maria xxx

  5. Oh that little smile! So cute.

  6. When did you get so good at...knitting?! Or is it crochet?! I must be doing something wrong when I have little attempts have been rather ugly and full of holes... and my hands hurt!!!

    PS Sorry to hear about your run... :( xxx


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