Monday, 16 June 2014

Happenings of Late

When you've been absent for a wee while it's always worth doing one of these little posts just to get you back in to the swing of things. It's a way of ordering my thoughts and reminding myself that there's a reason I haven't been sat in front of the computer very much.

So what have I been up to?

Sticking my Panini stickers into my sticker album. This is the coolest thing I've done in ages. Really, if you think about it, these albums are for adults and not kids, we're the only people who have the disposable income to buy the frigging stickers.

I'm currently 91 stickers away from completion and my obsession is well and truly underway. I have currently managed to finish four teams - Ivory Coast, Japan, Greece and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The excitement this causes me know no bounds.

Booking flights over to France for a long weekend in September to see my Dad and his wife at their house in France. They've been out there since the end of March so I haven't seen them for an incredibly long time.

Crocheting the last few bits that were remaining on my order book at work. I have officially shut the doors. As I mentioned in this post, it was starting to become a bit of a chore so I decided it was time to down my hook and only pick it up for selfish reasons for a little while.

Watching the World Cup. All of the World Cup. I can't really complain. Most of the time I have control of our remote and The Person happily watches whatever is on but every couple of years, when there is a major football tournament, I have to concede the TV to him as match after match after match is on. I mean I don't really mind football but three matches a day is starting to feel like a chore.

Repeating to myself about the above - "It's only really bad for a couple of weeks, it's only really bad for a couple of weeks"...

Painting my table as part of my grand plans to bring a bit of cohesion to our living situation as I mentioned in this post. I've been a very good girl and am priming it before beginning to paint it, something very out of the ordinary for me because I kind of like to throw myself into projects like this at times.

Walking the mad dogs when my sister and everyone in her house was struck down with the lurgy. It was a beautiful day and I took the dogs for a walk in a nearby hill with grasses that were about thigh high. What an idiot. I spent the remaining mile or so of the walk sneezing constantly and had to mainline anti-histamines when I returned the dogs.

Making ridiculous photos of my gerbils using PicMonkey because clearly I have far too much time on my hands...

Getting excited that in less than a week I'll be seeing Heather as I take a little trip over to her neck of the woods for a belated anniversary trip with The Person (postponed due to the fact that the original weekend we were going away coincided with England's first World Cup match. Why yes, yes I am a good girlfriend.)


And I think that is a pretty good round-up.

Now I shall leave. These football matches don't watch themselves you know.


  1. I pretty much share your views on football but must admit I was quite enjoying that Netherlands game the other night! At least I can escape it by going home tho... :)

  2. My eight year old hardly has any stickers because they're so expensive. I buy him a pack when I go shopping but he's still so far off completing. List what you need somewhere for swapsies

  3. Surely the sneezing is worth it for that R&R pic? I like the colours, and bloggers occasionally must suffer for their art ;)

    Also, I love stickers. In general. If I had people to swap with, I would totally be on that. They had a question on the radio about how much it is likely you would have to spend on stickers (max, min, average) in order to complete the set with no swapsies. If I had listened properly, this would have made for an interesting comment, as it is, it kind of ends up with no conclusion, sorry.

  4. oooh only 91 left? I'm only about 60% complete. I've really been enjoying watching the football, the France game was so good x

  5. Oh gosh I can't stand football. I have been avoiding this World Cup business.
    I've been thinking the same about dressmaking, have been asked a few times by local business people if I'll start making them to stock but I'm still erring on the no side of things. I'd hate to put the pressure on myself and stop something I love being fun anymore.

  6. The sticker album has given me a flashback! I used to have a Neighbours one when I was little. My grandad used to buy me a pack every week until they stopped selling them in the shops. He was so determined we'd finish it that he sent off for the ones we were missing!!

    I'm soooo with you on the football. In revenge I'm subjecting the fella to Big Brother haha (evil laugh).

    Can't wait to see what the table's like. I love projects like this. x

  7. Oh I remember having those football sticker books for the Premier League back in like 1995, those were the days and so fun to do too! You wouldn't think the World Cup was going on in the US to be honest, there's no stores doing special events or to buy replica kits or anything, it's odd. Then with the team winning the game it's all over twitter!

  8. I am so freaking excited to see you! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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