Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Photo an Hour - 31st May 2014

I really enjoyed the Photo an Hour day that I did for BEDM last month and was equally excited to find out about Jane's Photo an Hour (via Rachael). So much so that I literally put it in my calendar.

Don't be jealous of my super coolness everyone.

So without further ado, welcome to my very typical (aka boring) Saturday 31st May...

7am - I'm going through a phase of waking up ridiculously early at the moment. Today it was 7am. That is unacceptable in my life so I sat in bed to have a read.

8am - No photo - I fell back asleep innit!

9am - Awake again and time for more reading in bed with a cup of tea. This book is wonderful and I'm really enjoying it.

10am - Out of bed (but not out of pyjamas) and watching one of my favourites. Judge Judy.

11am - Getting ready some swapsies to send out to Lucy!

12pm - I thought it would be fun to set out my outfit for the day on the bed, like a fashion blogger. Turns out it takes bloody ages. Then I put it all on and hated it and wore something else. Excellent.

1pm - In town and buying hair dye to cover my stupid grey hairs. I so wish I didn't work in the corporate world sometimes, I am desperate to dye my hair one of these colours.

2pm - Had a little stop off at the charity book shop in town and picked up some more books to add to my pile of Classics to be read.

3pm - Time for sticking! The more the album fills up the more my pile of swapsies grows. And the more exciting it gets when you actually come across a sticker that you don't have!

4pm - Sitting down for some crochet action.

5pm - I went out for a run! I've been having a mega rough time with running lately and I've just not been enjoying it at all and just going through the motions. But the good thing about that is that it tends to mean you lower your expectations - that means when you don't cry and want to die you have a pretty good time! I had to walk a couple of times during this run so the time is not great, but if there are no tears I'm calling it a win.

6pm - The downside of running? My face goes an unholy shade of red and stays that way for a good hour afterwards.

7pm - It's gerbil time! Ser Jorah Mormont came out for a little play.

8pm - I went into the kitchen and loved the light coming in through the window, it still kills me how light it still is during this hour of the day.

9pm - Curry time! Why else go out for a run, am I right?! Hey?!

10pm - More crochet time with a full stomach of curry.

11pm - Back where I started, in bed, with a good book.


And that, my friends, was the last day in May. I'm looking forward to next month already!


  1. Ha my face does that too after running, we must just be trying harder than everyone else... ;)

  2. Here are all the things I love about your photos:

    All the books
    Swapsies (I wish I had done the sticker album now!)
    Your gerbil is called Ser Jorah Mormont

    Amazing! Next month is set for 22nd June if you're joining in again!

    Jane x

    1. That sticker album has taken over my life, it's probably a good thing that you didn't start one - I'm not even thinking about how much money I've spent so far.

      We have another gerbil too - he's called Tyrion Lannister!

    2. got,got,got,need! This is a very full day, I spend Saturday at my mums annoying my dog by hugging her x

  3. I love these posts!

    Saw in my local WHSmith they do Sunday Swapsie days, it made me think of you.

  4. Yum for that curry. My face goes red at just the mention of exercise - I'm always tomato-faced in the gym! I have to admit, I sort of hated that book.


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