Friday, 6 June 2014

My running manifesto

I saw on Miss Pond's blog that she had created a running manifesto (in fact I linked to it in one of my Internet Love posts) and I thought to myself "I need one of those".

I can feel like I'm almost at the point where I'm going to fall back in love with running again. We go in and out and in and out and in and out of love but this downswing has been particularly tough and it's taking me a long long time.

Unfortunately for me, time has run out and I will be running the Hull 10k on Sunday. I wish I could say that I felt ready for it but I really really don't and I know that I won't be able to run the whole race which is making me feel pretty down about it.

But anyway...

Run Dem Crew Youngers are trying to encourage young people to get out and running by creating their own running manifesto and whilst I may not be young, I do need some motivation right now...

Running is…like being part of a gang

Running is not…easy
I run…because I know that every time I do it, I’m getting stronger
I run for…the sake of my health
I run because…I never thought that I would be able to
I run when…I am happy, sad, angry, excited and everything in between 
I run with…my Podcasts for company

I have never run…with the aim of beating a PB

I have always the evening
I run in spite of…the fact that I don’t run fast
I don’t run…first thing in the morning
I should run…even when I don’t think I want to
I might run…with a running group
I will run…with more confidence

And now I just need to memorise this and recite it to myself as I'm running around on Sunday!


  1. I didn't feel race ready last week at all. Just pace yourself and believe in yourself lady! Also don't get stung by a bee ;)
    Good luck for tomorrow x x x

  2. I read about your Hull 10K experience as well. I admire that you want to persevere with running as a type of exercise, I did not enjoy running, and only ever did it when I thought I'd need it for selection.


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