Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Betwixt and between

My blogging is likely to get sporadic over the next few weeks and for that I apologise.

You see at the moment I appear to be neither here nor there.

As you may remember, I’ve been house-sitting for my Dad since the beginning of May which has been awesome. Dad and his wife are due back towards the end of August and I have contemplated not giving them their house back but have decided, on reflection, that that’s probably unfair.

It’s going to hard giving up Sky Plus and super speedy dongle-less internet though...

Meanwhile, Dorothy has gone away on a little jolly, meaning that there are two furry people who need someone to look after them. (Not to mention another house.)

Luckily for me, both houses are only 10 minutes away from each other, otherwise things would be much more difficult

Obviously I don’t want to leave either house empty – especially home because it’s not fair on the Maggie and Maudster to be on their own. I know cats aren’t like dogs but they like company. If you don’t believe me, you should hear the racket from Maggie when I walk back in the house.

My ever so canny solution to this problem was to move half my wardrobe back from my Dad’s house to home, meaning that whenever I feel like it, I can spend a night at either house and not worry that I won’t have any clothes to put on in the morning.

I know. I’m clever. Don’t hate me for it.

I duly did this and set myself out a little timetable, a couple of nights in one house, a couple of nights in the other, making sure I see Maggie and Maud at least once a day.

However I forgot one fairly major fact. The fact that I cannot cope with being in between places. The last time I was in between places was when I first moved in with Dorothy and half my stuff (like a bed and wardrobe) were still the place I shared with the boyfriend. This caused my brain to go into near meltdown because I’m a little nester. I make a place my own within 2 minutes of being in it, hence why my whole wardrobe came over to my Dad’s in the first place – it’s just easier on my little head.

Just the thought of being between places and working out the schedule in my head has caused at least a Defcon 2 panic situation, meaning that this weekend I shall mostly be moving everything back to my house and then just taking an overnight bag with me on the occasions that I stay at my Dad’s.

Much better solution although it’s still making me wig out a little bit. When that happens I lose all ability to be able to think coherently which means that my blogging suffers somewhat (yes believe it or not, this is me thinking coherently). I need to know I have my own little space you see. So expect things to be a little quiet round here until the end of August/beginning of September when I finally find myself back in one place.


  1. Haha, you are ever so slightly OCD aren't you? :) Hope you manage to get through the next few weeks, look forward to hearing from you again when you're altogether! x

  2. I get twitchy without a decent selection of books but I'm not too bad about clothes - as long as I can be decently clad then I don't panic too much. Poor you! Hope you're settled back into your usual space soon.


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