Sunday, 21 August 2011


I am frazzled.

Work is piling on and I'm still running about like a headless chicken looking after houses and cats that aren't my own and my patience is running thin.

I keep trying to take time out for myself and when I do I've been crocheting to keep me calm. I am on a mega stash busting exercise. There are scraps all over the shop and whilst they are very pretty to look at I'm not a big fan of just having pretty things that aren't useful.

You may remember a while ago I mentioned that I was using up some of my scraps to make some squares for the Crochet a Rainbow project. Well I don't know what's going on with it but I haven't heard anything so I decided that I would put them towards another cause.

An old school friend heard that I crocheted and pointed me in the direction of a Facebook group called Preemies UK - a group of people that crochet and knit baby hats, cardigans and blankets that are sent to hospitals across the country for their neo-natal units.

Little tiny blankets for little tiny babies? Yes please!

I get to stash bust, whip up some blankets quickly and do something for a good cause. Tick tick and tick.

Looking at the donations that the group normally gets I noticed that they're a little on the traditional side shall we say. There's a lot of pale pastel going on. Trouble is if I'm going to be stash busting my offerings aren't going to be on the subtle side. Ah well, hopefully the recipients will be fans of having a little colour in their newborn's life.

I decided to do a few different patterns just to mix things up.

A granny stripe.

A bit of multi-coloured granny square action.

And one big granny square with a bit of fancy pants edging.

They only need blankets that are anything between 15" and 30" so it's quite easy to get these guys crocheted up double quick. It's been nice to feel like I've been getting something done during this slightly topsy turvy period.

Looking forward to getting these sent out.


  1. Good for you. I'm sure they'll be more than pleased with some brightness.

  2. AAAhhhh - thats so sweet. xxx

  3. Oh that's such a great idea. I've got lots of half balls of yarn leftover from projects that would be perfect for this. Thanks for posting about the project.

  4. They look so fab. I'm jealous of your skills! x

  5. Hey, I saw your comment at mooncalf's about French knots and wanted to share this link with you:

    I couldn't do consistent French knots either, until I found her tutorial. Now I (usually!) have such nice French knots. Good luck!!

  6. What a lovely idea, those are very cute little blankets :-)

  7. Brill! I like the last one- it reminds me of a Scrabble board!

  8. Awww so cute, I love the granny stripe! Will totally find that group before I forget. Not sure my own uber-gaudy stash busting squares will be suitable though...

  9. Those blankets are beautiful! I especially love the multi-colored granny square one.


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