Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hunger Beast

Today I have a hunger beast that has taken over my whole body. He won't be satisfied no matter what I feed him.

It's only 4pm and already today I've eaten:

- Weetabix x2
- Punnet of cherry tomatoes x1
- Pack of Belvita biscuits x1*
- Chicken salad wrap x1
- Apple x1
- Plums x4
- Packet of Ryvita Minis (Sweet Chilli flavour) x1
- Weightwatchers Peach yoghurt x1

And still The Hunger Beast will not be satiated.

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. Everything on that list is pretty good for me, it's not like I've eaten 12 Snickers (although that could just be because I don't have any of those to hand.) But still - quantity-wise it feels like a lot has gone in my body to try and calm that Beast.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Beast is tricking me.

You see I'm going to Pizza Express for dinner tonight with my cousin and I get the feeling that the Beast has somehow found this out and has decided that nothing is going to satisfy it unless it's covered in cheese and baked in an oven.


*Belvita biscuits are advertised as a breakfast replacement. There's no way that would work for the Hunger Beast even on its very best day but I am in love with these biscuits in a possibly inappropriate way and they are my official mid-morning snack.


  1. I too am feeling more hungry than normal today. Perhaps it's the weather. It's cold, wet and grey here in London. My body is saying 'Feed me comfort food!' x

  2. Haha the hunger beast is evil!!! Have a big pizza to shut him up ;) x

  3. my hunger beast likes jaffa cakes but Im' feeding him carrots for dinner instead.

  4. Well that sounds a lot LOT better than what i gave my beast yesterday... crisps, m&ms, toast, cookies... OMG no wonder i'm a chubster! Wish I had more self bloody control!

  5. Doesn't sound like that much food to me...

    I could eat that before 4pm and not bat an eyelid!

  6. I had the hungerbeast today too and nothing would sate him either, yet he didn't know what he wanted- damn that beast- why wont he behave!

  7. Sooo healthy, I think you can afford a little pizza :)

  8. I'm sooo glad to have met others the hunger beast visits. My friends all deny knowledge of this beast which made me feel bad. Now I don't need to feel bad as I am not alone. This time it seems to have come for a 2 day visit. I fed it yesterday (lots of pitta breads stuffed with salad - all day) but it is still here. This is not the same beast as the one that needs chocolate and which is a more frequent visitor.

  9. Mine has only been quietened by a MASSIVE dinner. Very nice dinner and quite healthy (lots of veg) but a properly big plateful. Ah well.

    Maybe it's the fruit? I don't get on well with fruit sugars at all. Just makes me hungrier.

  10. I get the hunger beast a lot sometimes! Recently due to excessive alcohol drinking my nausea has returned a little so I've not been that hungry.... Hope all is well with you? xxx


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