Sunday, 4 September 2011

August Flickr favourites

Woah wait we’re already in September. Let’s rewind people and take a look back at my favourite photos from my Project365 in August.

5th – I like trains you know. I know that they’re expensive and that they are subject to random delays and stuffed with frustration but those are the things I don’t like about trains. Let’s not think about that. Let’s instead think about the lovely opportunity trains afford you to legitimately do nothing. No concentrating on the road. No feeling sick like you do on coach. Just sitting and being. Loves it.

Also I like reading. Trains + reading = happy girl. And on this day I was even happier because I was going to see The Person for his birthday. Winner all round.

6th I went to the races for the very first time. Yay me. And I won! Yay me.

9th – Sometimes photos just make you smile for no particular reason. Enter....Happy Tap. He lives in the bathroom at the building I was working in until earlier this month. I’ve been meaning to get a snap of him for ages but I kept forgetting and I also was wary of being caught taking my camera into the toilet.

13th – Sometimes photos just make you smile for no particular reason. in a bag. Fred’s a classic for doing this. See he did it on my birthday too. I guess he just loves a good bag. Lily does it too but I never manage to get a photo because she’s usually freaking out as she does it and I can’t get a good picture of her. Also she has a tendency to get in a bag and then get unceremoniously bullied out of it by Fred who doesn’t like her to have anything that he wants.

26th – Hi I went to Newcastle last weekend and I loved it, did you know? I like this photo of The Angel of the North because it shows off her sassy curves. We were debating whether she was a he or a she until we went round the back of her and decided that given the shapely bum she was most definitely a she.

29th – Look I’ve joined in the crochet amigurumi craze! I bought a book from the BALTIC gift shop when I was in Newcastle and the very next day that I came home I whizzed up this 3 headed monster. Ok, the colours are a little off but that’s because I was just practicing. I’m feeling an obsession coming on...will post later in the week about it.

Only 118 photos to go before the year is out. Eek!

Feel free to keep up with my Project365 photos by visiting my photostream here.


  1. SOunds like a very productive month - going to read up more on Newcastle now! xxx

  2. Sometimes Scree likes to climb in a bag but then he often gets his head stuck in the bag handles and runs around freaking out with a bag on his head. Poor little snossage.

  3. Happy tap! Oh I wish there was one of him in my work, I'd never complain about my job ever! Also loving the amigurumi, really want to have a go but am snowed under with baby blankets :(


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