Monday, 26 September 2011

Crazy Cat Lady Part 13 - Moonface McGraw

Only a few days left until I move. Goodness me it’s come round quickly. I am at that stage now where I am officially bored of packing and just want to get all the boxes, bags, bin liners, various receptacles moved and into my new place. The nesting instinct is growing stronger. Nest nest nest.

However there is a little sad feeling niggling at the back of my head. I will officially be moving to a catless environment. Panic stations.

I had a taster of life sans felines when I was living at my Dad’s this summer and let me tell you I did not enjoy it. I spent far too much time crouched down in the back garden trying to make friends with Harry from next door and Monty, a tabby cat from the other side who rebuffed every single one of my advances.

How on earth am I going to cope without my the ebb and flow of random cats coming strolling in to the back garden or winding their way around your legs as you walk down my street?

How will I deal with the fact that I will no longer be living with someone else who will fully understand the joy of the phrase “I totally met a new cat today!!”?

And so, in mourning of this passing I present to you the latest random cat...Moonface McGraw.

Upon seeing Moonface there is only one sentence which can come out of people’s mouths.

“Holy crap have you seen the size of that cat’s head?!”

Moonface was first spotted sitting on top of a garage, gazing dolefully into the back garden. He appeared to know Maud and she sat daintily up there with him, looking even tinier and cuter than normal next to the brute that was Moonface.

Moonie became a bit of a regular for a while and began to take it upon himself to come into the house and steal food but at heart he’s a wanderer and recently he is seen only from a distance and totally pretends not to know me.

There is no way that this guy has a home because, quite frankly, he is disgusting. I love all cats, but I’ve had to dig deep with this guy, because the thought of touching him is actually kind of gross. His fur is beyond matted, the only thing that could be done with it would be to shave him completely and he’s flea ridden which has meant Maggie and Maud have had to be dosed up to the eyeballs with Frontline as a result of hanging about near him.

He has also not been neutered. A fact which will become immediately obvious as soon as he turns his back to you.

He’s like a character in a children’s book or a film. He’s the bad guy who you think is really mean, but it turns out he has a heart of gold (what was the name of the mean fish in the tank in Finding Nemo – I’m thinking of him right now). He’s certainly begging for some kind of makeover.

But until he meets his stylists, Moonface McGraw will continue to roam the streets of Hull. Remember to give him the tip of your cap. Just don’t get too close yeah?


  1. Awww poor Moonface McGraw. My heart is going out to him. It must be awful to be flea-ey.

    It has reminded me of some tale I heard about foxes going into the river with lumps of sheep fleece and gradually submerging. The fleas go away from the water and into the fleece which the fox then lets go of and they all drift away.

    Probably doesn't work if you're a cat and can't bear to be in water though...

  2. What a fab name! Yea he looks rough doesn't he? We used to have a similar looking cat that came round our house - he turned out to have cat AIDS and leukaemia - so be careful!!

  3. That cat is so funny. It looks like it's stolen Terry Wogan's toupee! x

  4. It was Bruce. Bruce the shark. Man I love that film... some really winning moments... 'Seamonkey stole my money'

    Anyway, I think size of face is actually something to do with still having his jingly janglies intact. Did my sis ever tell you the story of Boris? Well he had a super puffy face too... like a moon... but after the snip snip, it seemed to chisel.


  5. Sorry to hear about your soon to be catless state. I hope it goes well.
    I am sure you will find random cats will start to follow you in the street as they will somehow know you need it.
    That Moonface is one largefaced cat!!

  6. Oh poor thing :( Must be so horrible to be an unloved cat. That is one massive head though! He reminds me of a cat version of that skinhead kid in This Is England.

  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog… I think I could find a photo of the bridesmaid dress… but only if you promise not to laugh!

    Good luck with the move, I have recently moved so I feel your pain, unpacking the boxes is much more fun :O)

    Moonface is gorgeous, I wanted to give him a huge big cuddle… until you mentioned the matted fur and fleas.

  8. What a sweetie. He looks like he's street-wise enough to do pretty well out there, so I'm not convinced that if some kind soul took him in, he'd want to stay! Bless his moonie-face.

    Moving?! I've obviously been away a little too long. Will pop by some other posts and catch up. Hope it goes smoothly. xxx

  9. Does Mr Moonface have a home? Coz I'm thinking that you could take him in and give him tlc, flea treatment and the snip (although obviously I don't mean you'd literally do this yourself!). Then you wouldn't be catless.

    Otherwise, all I can say is get a cat, get a cat, get a cat...

  10. A life without cats? Surely not. There must be local waifs and strays near the new house you can befriend. I always say hello to any a passing cat. Moonface looks like a hobo to the end, they'll be no taming him! He reminds me of the homeless old men, that are the most recognisable in every town, that you know would have the best stories, if only you could get close enough without gagging!
    I like the story about the foxes in the comments above, however I'm more than a little dubious. Sounds like a Beatrice Potter book!
    Kier x

  11. I was feeling down on Monday and boyfriend told me to check out your blog, that there'd be something on there that would cheer me up. The photo of that cat. Seriously, I burst out laughing. Thanks for helping me snap out of my mood!
    (although i feel quite sorry for him now having read your post, he just needs a good home!!)

  12. Oh I feel so sad now - poor Moonface! But as 'Me' said, he doesn't look the type to be hampered by humans.

    Me and my granny totally rescued a gorgeous ginger stray and her tiny kitty the other week. We were worried she was just going to keep getting impregnated over and over and there'd be all these little kitties living on the mean streets on the freezing winter (this was before the Long Hot Summer Of Late September 2011 happened), so we called in the CPL and now need worry no more, but I'll miss her little ginger face at my granny's door...

  13. Oh! Poor Moonface...he needs my mum to take care of him...he needs some love and food. Do you feed him ever? Poor mite. xxx


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