Friday, 9 September 2011

Thank heavens for short names

Ever since I made the mobile/wall hanging for my niece back in May I’ve been wanting to give them another go. Although they still seem to instil fear in me, seeing the finished result gives you one of those warm glowy feelings.

And as luck would have it, someone did want me to make a wall hanging for them. All I had to do was wait for the baby to be born.

While I was waiting, a couple of things were running through my head.

1) I hope this baby is a girl – I’m late to join the fabric stash bandwagon and I only have girly fabric at the moment.
2) I hope they give the baby a nice short name – What happens if they text and tell me they’ve named her Perspehone, I’ll never find a twig big enough.

So I was very pleased when the news came that not only was the baby a little girl (hurray!) but she was called Elsa (hurray! And also note to self to store name in list of potential baby names if I ever do pro-create).

What did throw me however was that the news came a little earlier than anticipated. As in 4 weeks earlier. Finally, someone who is more impatient in this world than me. 37 weeks, 37 schmeeks, I’m going to enter this world when I flipping well want to (And at a teeny tiny 4lb 9oz which is ridiculously small to someone like me who is used to mahoosive 10lb nephews.)

You know what I hate? Surprises. Or just anything that messes with my well run plans of life. In reality, this really wasn’t a big deal at all, in my head however it caused a complete mental block. I kept telling myself to just get started but the fear returned and I sat there going “No, no, no, no, no”. (And how the hell her parents felt is beyond me, she cut short the preparation time by one month!)

So what did I do about it? I forced myself into activity by posting about it on the blog. I swear if it wasn’t for this thing I don’t think I’d get anything done. After writing that post I did indeed get it sorted and strung together and all ready to present to Elsa’s parents.

But then fate intervened. Well not so much fate, as that Dorothy went away on holiday on 3 weeks meaning that I couldn’t get it to them.

But now it has been presented and it is at home with Elsa (who is doing absolutely fine by the way. You know what goes hand in hand with impatience? Stubborness. Really they’re cousins if you think about it.) so I can blog about it to my heart’s content.

The finished article, in retrospect the L might be a little large, I was so scared of it being mistaken for an i I might have gone overboard.

I’ve also been asked to make one for another friend’s baby. The recipient of the Jungle Ripple blanket. This baby turned out to be a boy so this has meant the acquisition of more fabric. And his name is a little longer this time. Oh dear. The fear is returning...


  1. Wouldn't worry about the L, seems perfectly fine to me.
    Very, very cute by the way!

  2. Oh the hardship of fabric acquisition!!

    It's fab and how lovely that everyone wants one! Elsa is a gorgeous name (I totally want an Elspeth if only I could find a father for her) ... Don't think I'll be copying your idea for little Isabella any time soon tho! x

  3. WOnderful! I love the idea- a perfect individual present!

  4. Really cute! Love it! Hope they did too! xxx

  5. Thanks for the comment, it means alot xxxx


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