Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jungle Ripple blanket - All done!

Hurray hurrah. For I am finished. The Jungle Ripple blanket is done.

It has been down to the wire but it's done in time for the baby shower which is taking place this Sunday. The baby isn't due until August 20th but there's a real chance I won't get time to see her before the bundle arrives (plus, let's face it I want everyone to be impressed with me at the shower).

In an ideal world I would have done a border around the blanket, and I even went so far as to consult my crochet guru, but in the end I ran out of time, and more importantly, I was running out of yarn. Much as I love my friend and wanted to make her a present rather than just buying her something, I did want to keep it as inexpensive as possible. The yarn cost around £8 and we all know by now that we don't count our labour properly in these kinds of things or else you would be handing over a gift and saying "Yeah I made this for you, that'll be £153 thank you."

However if I make a ripple in the future, I would like to give the border a try, just to see if I can do it.

I really hope this blanket actually gets used in some way. Whether it's out in the pram, or in the cot, or out in the garden, or just randomly thrown on the floor and played with. I want to know that I've made something useful, rather than something that just gathers dust in a nursery somewhere.

Hey my not really resolution was to make a ripple blanket this year - and I've totally gone and made two! Winner.

The "need to knows" for those of you who are interested:

Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK
1116 - Green
1425 - Emperor
1246 - Lipstick (best name for a red ever)
1082 - Bluebell
1114 - Sunshine

Size: 31 x 41 inches.

Time to complete: 28 days


  1. It looks great Becks, well done :-D I don't think a border would have added anything to it really.
    You might want to include a ball band from the yarn with the gift so that they have an idea for washing temperatures and stuff xxx

  2. Gorgeous! How could it mot be used?! Lovely pressie x

  3. It looks amazing! I'm sure they'll use it - something like that is far too temptingly soft and cosy and beautiful to leave on a shelf.

  4. It is lovely - a gift to cherish! Great colours for a baby too. So much fun will be had. x

    PS: I do hope you'll tell us all about the shower! x

  5. 28 days?! Really?! You're my inspiration! Hey £8 is really good, I spent £30 on wool for the blanket I'm making at the mo and I'm terrified I'm going to run out before it's finished.

    I'm sure they'll love it, how could they not - it'll get used all the time! And I like the ripply edges :)

  6. Hooray! A second ripple for the girl who thought she couldn't master the ripple just a few months ago :-)

  7. It's beautiful!!! I certainly would use it, so bright and cheerful. Well done. x

  8. I think it turned out great and I happen to like blankies like that without a border! I really like those colors. They flow good together. :o)

  9. Nice! I think Baby Stash would really like these colours so it's sure to go down well with the imminent arrival too.


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