Friday, 1 July 2011

June Flickr Favourites

Months go by and the photos I take each day appear to get weirder and weirder. I think they call it scraping the barrel. I call it, “I don’t have a very exciting life.”

Whatevs people, I like that I’m documenting every tiny little detail of my life. It’s fun to look back and go “Oh yeah! I remember that.” Small things which wouldn’t ordinarily stay in your head but which provided you with a moment of happiness. Not big things, but it’s nice to look back and remember those feelings.

So what happened in June?

5th – I went to see Take That didn’t I?! God this feels like it was longer ago than the beginning of this month. I remember the horror of realising I wouldn’t be able to get tickets and then the rush of elation when I managed to snaffle the last ticket that a friend of a friend had going spare. And then began the wait that seemed to stretch on forever until suddenly it was upon us.

It was a brilliant night. Great show (although not as spectacular as the Circus tour and a little too Robbie-centric in my opinion) and it was fun to screech and scream like a small child. What was less fun was the long journey home after the concert, we’d opted to travel there and back in the same day which meant not getting back to Hull until after 2am on the Monday morning. I praised my clever forward planning for taking that day off work.

6th – It’s fun to do something new. And this month I started something very new, namely my album for my holiday in France last year. I’ve already bored you senseless with it in this post

10th – This month also saw me taken on my Magical Mystery Tour by The Person to South Lakes Wild Animal Park where I got up close and personal with all manner of creatures, but mostly fell in love with lemurs. (Still can’t believe I’ve got a photo like that by the way.) I posted about this here.

14th – You know when you have an item of clothing that just makes you happy? This is mine. I saw it in the window of Dorothy Perkins a while ago and knew it had to be mine. I saved my pennies and bought it this month. I would have worn it every day if I thought it was appropriate. It just screams summer to me. I wear it on a sunny day and I’m all bright and breezy and I can wear it on a dark and gloomy day and bring a little ray of sunshine to the office. (And if you did want to buy it, it’s in the sale now grrrrrrrrr)

26th – Speaking of the sun, when it has shown its face it has been absolutely marvellous to take advantage of Dad’s lovely big garden with its table and chairs and big garden umbrella. This day saw me feeling pretty ropey after a couple of nights out in a row, plus I was nursing Eddie the Ankle Egg So I took myself outside with a cup of tea, some chocolate and Tess of the d’Urbervilles (which I was woefully far behind on if I was to meet my target of finishing it at the end of the month) and had the best lazy Sunday ever in the garden.

30th – Hands up if you love the feeling of a finished WIP? Me too! And today officially saw me finish my ripple blanket A woo. hoo. There will be a proper post devoted to this momentous occasion, but I’m waiting for some nice weather so we can try and have a photoshoot outside.


6 months down, 6 months to go....


  1. Can't believe we're half way through the year already! I noticed that dress in the sale the other day and thought of you and wondered if you'd seen it :( Also, can't wait to see the blanket :) x

  2. I can't WAIT to see your finished ripple, I am SUPER proud. xxxx

  3. I know the DP stock far too well - I saw the photo and went AHA! I love the little collar on it. So sweet.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Tess and also the blanket post.


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