Monday, 25 July 2011

Running Woman Part 8 - What goes through my head when I run

I am actually sitting here in my running stuff, all sweaty so I can write this down while I remember it all. I hope you appreciate the gross lengths I go to for this blog.

I know that my mind wanders at times when I'm out jogging and when I went out tonight I decided that I would try and consciously remember all the things that go through my head when I'm pounding the pavements. Today was the first time I've been out since the Race for Life, my shin was in pretty bad shape for the week afterwards and today was the first day that I felt I'd be up to it so I went out for a little practice.

So this was what went through my head over tonight's 3km run (which took 18 minutes, if you wanted to know my pace. I believe that falls into the category of "snail pace")...

- God I hate the beginning when I'm not properly in my stride, feel like everyone is going "My god look at the size of her arse."

- Gosh there are an awful lot of hydrangea bushes in this part of Hull. Are hydrangeas a middle class plant?

- If there was a middle class plant, what would it look like?

- Oh god, main road coming up, must look like I'm not out of the breath in the slightest so all the car dwellers feel guilty about their sedentary ways.

- Jesus Jack Russell attack! Thank god she had him on a short lead.

- Ugh. Pub coming up. Need to try and run past it and look fit whilst not breathing in any of the second hand smoke.

- Hmmmm maybe I should have just run around the block, am I pushing it too hard?

- Oh god what if the shin splints come back? I'll turn off at the next cut through and not run the whole way to the end of the road.

- Erm...where's the cut through? Oh my god I've gone the wrong bloody way, I shouldn't have gone past the pub, I should have been heading in the opposite direction, there isn't a cut through on this street!

- Ha I love this Running Tracks album that Dorothy got me for my birthday - I'm running to Cliff Richard, Move It.

- Jesus. Pay attention, the car totally nearly reversed into you, less Cliff, more concentrating.

- I should really run round the park and not go straight home.

- No I should just go straight home.

- No I should run round the park.

- No I should just go straight home, don't push it.

- Yes! Home straight, time to pick up the pace a bit. Can see the door.

- Should have run round the park instead of coming straight home.


And that's what went through my head this evening.

Now I really need to get changed because the sweat is drying and now I'm cold.

Really hope the shin splints don't come back.


  1. Haha v funny! I would be sooo self conscious running in public lol

  2. You're a crazy lady! I'm also glad to know it's not just me who has a random stream of seemingly unconnected thoughts. Altho I don't do running.

  3. What's the running track album? I'm considering getting something for such a purpose.

  4. Haha, I do exactly the same thing when swimming! Although mine tends to run more along the lines of wishing I was less blind so I could appreciate the man doing push ups next to the pool, rather than pondering middle class gardening.

  5. Haha this sounds very similar to my outside running 'routine'! Especially the 'must run confidently when there is any human life around...' part, altho I do run with my inhaler in hand so anyone can see I'm a wheezing idiot! :)

  6. Yup, those are runner's thoughts alright! Especially the dog ambushes!

  7. brilliant :)

    that sounds very familiar. distantly familiar of course. but pleasantly familiar.

    I should really go and see a physio so that I can get running again.

  8. Ahh hilarious! Exercise is supposed to be good for clearing the mind isn't it, but I can't say I ever have any particularly deep and meaningful thoughts! I too have that instant 'should have pushed myself a bit more' guilt as soon as I stop - but it's hard at the time when you're struggling for breath!

  9. Argh! I will never understand running.

    Is it because people don't like their knees?

    Saying that, I use my skipping rope in the flat... that's all kinds of dangerous...

    :) Keep up the good work! xxx

  10. Hilarious! Glad I am not the only one with completely random crazy thoughts running through my head!

  11. Love your Jack Russell attack!

  12. Smile! I don't think I would have any lungs left after 3k run..I think you need to write a book......Kxxx ps thanks for the pointer on the comments, see if it works..

  13. So funny - this really made me chuckle aloud! x


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