Sunday, 31 July 2011

July Book Review

Good lord. What have I been up to this month? Clearly not a lot because I’ve managed to read 5 books. Fear not, I’m not some voracious reading machine, these are all very easy reads. I’ve even managed to squeeze in 2 classics, but these weren’t great tomes either. Ahh shame, I was starting to feel good about myself for a moment then.

What was on the list this month?

In my Sister’s Shoes – Sinead Moriarty
Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe
Letters from Father Christmas – JRR Tolkein
Go Tell it on the Mountain – James Baldwin
The Importance of Being Seven (44 Scotland Street series) – Alexander McCall Smith

In my Sister’s Shoes – Sinead Moriarty.
Not the sort of book I’d pick up at all but Mum nearly begged me to read it saying that it was really funny. Poor Mum, she must be spending too much time on her own now that she’s retired, this really wasn’t that funny at all. I think I laughed out loud once and really I was being kind.

I can’t even be bothered to summarise what happens in it. Usual chick lit stuff. Poorly developed characters. Poorly developed plot. I don’t think Marian Keyes needs to be quaking in her boots.

Letters from Father Christmas – JRR Tolkein
Hands up if you love a bit of heartwarming reading. This is the guy for you. I picked him up for £2 in a clearance outlet and am so pleased I did. JRR Tolkein sent letters every year from Father Christmas to his children, telling them tales of the North Pole and the antics of his friend the North Polar Bear and the evil gnomes. The book contains photographed copies of the actual letters and the lovely drawings that he also used to send.

If you don’t feel a little tug on your heartstrings when you read the last letter sent to his daughter then you’re not human.

It’s one of those books that you don’t really need and indeed when I finished it I thought “Well what will I do with this now?” Answer. Keep it. You will read it again, you might even read it to your children.

By the way did anyone else get letters from Father Christmas? I have two in a box somewhere that I received, oh to be so young that you don’t recognise your own Dad’s handwriting.

The Importance of Being Seven – Alexander McCall SmithI know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Alexander McCall Smith. Love him love him. Although oddly can’t love the No1 Ladies Detective Agency which is weird I know. But I especially love the 44 Scotland Street series and each time a new book comes out I do my very very utmost to be patient and wait for it to come out in paperback.

If you see any of these pick them up and read them, I know these characters so well it’s like putting on an old pair of slippers, and the fact that it’s serialised in a newspaper means that the chapters are so short they are easy to dip in and out of.

Love love and love a bit more.


Book of the month?

The Importance of Being Seven. Mr McCall Smith I love you. And I see that the latest Courduroy Mansions book is out in paperback, excuse me while I make my way to the bookshop....

I really need to start reading something a little more highbrow. Finding the thinnest Classics I can and reading letters from Father Christmas isn’t really expanding my horizons.


  1. Oh will def check out the last book, sounds like the kinda thing I like!

  2. I'm going to see a play of The World According To Bertie at the Edinburgh Festival and I. Cannot. Wait. Must admit I'm not so keen on the Cordurouy Mansions books though. They just seem a bit too much like Scotland Street.

  3. I'm with you on the Alexander McCall Smith books - they make me smile. Bertie is my hero. Particularly love the 44 Scotland Street series but am reading The Dog who Came in from the Cold right now and getting that same warm glow.

  4. I've just read a chick lit book a bit like that, you wonder how they get published, but then I suppose WE are the ones reading so it's our own fault! Bless you laughing out loud to the book to be kind to it.

    The Tolkien one sounds lovely - how fabulous to have him as your Dad! My Grandad used to say he was a personal friend of Father Christmas and got him to phone me up a few times :)

    I've never fancied any of the AMS books for some reason - I think it's the artwork that puts me off but as you've given them such a glowing recommendation I'll bear them in mind for when I've read the 80 or so on my shelf :) x

  5. That's so funny, I've JUST written a book review of the first book 44 Scotland street that begins, "I love this man..." (not posted yet as haven't finished twin book review) He is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fab! Can't wait to read this one!!!!!


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