Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Craft Hurricane

At the moment the living room at my Dad’s looks like a crafty hurricane has been through it. There’s aida, fabric, thread, needles, yarn and patterns strewn across the place and in the middle of it is little old me feeling increasingly overwhelmed with the stuff I’ve got to do.

I need to sit down and make a system, I need to make a list, but instead I wander aimlessly from one project to another, picking something up, only to put it down 10 minutes later and start on something else. I can slowly feel my sanity dripping away.

But then I remembered that I have a blog and I use this blog in a most inventive way. A way of documenting things I have done or things I want to do. I have also noticed that when I put things on this blog and say I’m going to do them, I am immediately held accountable and that post will act as a little niggly devil on my shoulder prodding me to get a shift on.

So things I am working on/need to work on:

- Jungle Ripple blanket (needs to be finished by 31st July for the baby shower but can be postponed because the baby isn’t due until 20th August.)
- Christmas card for July
- Wall hanging like the one I did for my niece’s christening
- France 2010 album

See? I already feel better. There isn’t actually that much I’m working on at all, it just feels like a lot because of the paraphernalia and the mess. I hate the mess you know.

So I need to prioritise.

I am tempted to put the Christmas card up at the top because we’re almost at the end of July now but then again is it really necessary? Would it be the end of the world if I did two in August instead? Would any of you hold that against me?

It would be lovely to get the Jungle Ripple finished by 31st July but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it didn’t. All that would happen is I would miss out on the admiring glances from friends – which I can’t lie, is hard to turn down.

The wall hanging is a surprise addition to my list, I knew I was making it but didn’t think I’d be making it so soon. However this little lady was unwilling to hang about in the uterus for a whole 9 months so arrived a little early. Some people are so impatient. Plus I know that these bad boys intimidate me but actually don’t take that long to do at all. This could easily be finished in a weekend, I just need to find a man with a saw to cut some dowelling.

France 2010 album does need doing but has a deadline of 31st December 2011 so isn’t that urgent, I’m just aware that if I keep on postponing it I’m never going to get it done.

So after that mindless rambling and the knowledge that I have a free weekend ahead of me. I think I have a plan of action.

1. Wall hanging
2. Jungle Ripple
3. Christmas card for July
4. France 2010 album

I think Number 2 & 3 might be interchangeable, depending on how progress with the blanket goes. If it’s not looking like getting done for the 31st then I’ll abandon ship and pick up needle and thread and get cross stitching instead.

Phew. Thanks for getting me through that guys. Come back in September when I’ve decided I want to make things for people for Christmas and am having a complete breakdown about it.


  1. Lol! As an obsessive list maker, this made me laugh out loud. So much better to have a clear list!!! :-D And as for the satisfaction of ticking things off... x

  2. Ha, love that process you went through there! A list makes everything OK. Re. the cards I think as long as you have 12 cross stitch cards to send out in December you're OK - are there any simple one-colour designs you could cobble together during a double Corrie evening? I wouldn't be able to resist the admiration at the Baby Shower either :)

    I'm progressing with French Blanket much faster than I did with the previous one - 11 whole squares done. 231 to go :S

  3. I vote get the quickest and easiest one done first, even if it doesn't make logical sense in terms of timing. It'll help clear up some of the clutter and getting something crossed off the list is always a great incentive to crack on with the other things.

    I'm with Lucy on the Christmas cards - 12 by December is the target isn't it, not one per month?

  4. Ok I've missed three blog posts in a row because I've been absorbed in reading how the Pioneer Woman is a big ol' fake.
    LOVE the Jungle Ripple, it's awesome! You could just finish it when it's rougly square, stick a border on it and call it done. Babies are tiny.

    My craft list is far too scary to start forming into a proper list, you are braver than me.



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