Thursday, 28 June 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Part 17: Fred & Lily, The Return

So I went back to the Mothership last week. There were a variety of reasons for doing so but mostly I just missed everyone and everything. I wanted to see my Mum, I admit it, I miss her, I like her. It might not be cool to say but there it is. I also had a friend who was in a play and I wanted to go and support her and I have a friend who's coming out of a long term relationship and I wanted to support her too.

But more than all of that?

I missed the Fred and Lily.

You see I can talk to my Mum on the phone and I can e-mail and text my friends all day long but I can't do that with Fred and Lily. True, I will yell down the phone when I'm talking to Mum but I'm not convinced they know it's me you know.

I could regale you with stories of how awesome they are but surely you knew that already? So maybe I'll just photobomb you all with photos of the pair of them.

I want to squish his FACE.

My sister and nephews were also up at Mum's at the same time which made for a full house. Fred and Lily revel in a full house because it means there's always something to do. Always someone to look at with your head on one side, someone who's willing to play, it's just busy busy busy.

So it means that when everyone left they crashed like a pair of toddlers. I crept upstairs to find Fred like this;

And Lily like this;

I've never known a cat enjoy sleep as much as Lily does. When you look at her sleeping it makes you just want to go to sleep as well because you want to get as much enjoyment out of it as her. Quite often she seems to sleep like a dog, legs all akimbo, or just in weird and wonderful shapes. For example;

I don't even understand how she can get in this shape - I mean her back legs are literally facing the opposite direction to her head. But she digs it. What can I say?

Also the best thing about having cats? They're there when they come home drunk. I decided to have a bit of Hull nightlife when I was back and when I came home it was like double the fun of just coming home normally and being drunk. They came to see me and I told them all about the night and we totally shared my pizza. And I grabbed Lily and squished her for all her worth. As you can see by this photo she loved it.

Ack they're awesome aren't they?

Now I am back home and there are no cats and it sucks balls.

That is all.


  1. I talk to my Mum's dog on the phone and she totally knows it is me - she licks the receiver (which my Mum does then clean afterwards!)

  2. Get a cat! Get a cat! Get a cat!

    ps. Fred and Lily are fab (but then they always were, and you knew that anyway).

  3. I love Fred's splodgy bits. That is all.

    Well, not quite all. Because holy crap, that photo of triple-jointed Lily cannot go by without comment. How does she get herself in such positions?!

  4. Lots of blog reading to catch up on! I do love your cats - they have the funniest expressions! xx PS Enjoyed reading about Preston! More!

  5. Aww my Tinker (RIP) used to do the legs in opposite directions pose, I thought it was just him! Love that description of Lily looking like she's really enjoying her sleep, I know what you mean!


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