Friday, 29 June 2012

Things people ask me now that I'm unemployed Part 2/3

How are things going living with The Person?

I'm not sure how to answer this one either. I always get the feeling that the people asking are looking for one of two responses;

1) I literally hate him and want to stab him in the face
2) I love him so much I'm going to have his babies immediately

The reality is that it's somewhere between the two I guess. I feel like I need to answer in some kind of hugely dynamic way but the fact is that it's never felt that odd to me.

The person that it was going to have the biggest impact on was, well, The Person. He's been living on his own in this flat for over 2 years now and has never lived with a partner before. I'm the one that's been living in house shares and done all this malarkey before.

So really I think the person you'd need to ask is him. I'm the one who appeared with a ridiculous amount of boxes and invaded his personal space with all my junk. I'm the one who's here every day when he comes home from work -bugging him because I've been sat in the flat on my own any day, starved of human contact. If anyone's going to have something to say on the matter he will.

But no life is happy here to be honest. I wish I had more stuff to tell you.

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of things that I could write about  but they're the bog standard, living with people kind of things that are annoying, they're not specific to living with a boyfriend. You're talking to someone who had previously been sharing a house with three other people, living with The Person was going to be smooth sailing compared to that.*

Most of our battles tends to be fought in the kitchen. I've already mentioned his woefully low-stocked kitchen but that's only the beginning really. We have different approaches to food - he's a food as fuel kind of guy, I'm a Iloveallfoodshoveitinmymouth kind of gal. At the moment I'm in charge of cooking seeing as I'm in the house all day and that's fine with me, he doesn't want dinner on the table when he comes in and is more than happy to cook instead but he gets home kind of late and if I waited for him to cook then I'd have eaten my own arm.

 But yeah it's him I feel sorry for. He goes out to work all day and then comes back home to this little House Imp who has been on her own all  day and is ready for mischief and excitement and chatting. I try to be quiet as a church mouse and let him do his geeky boy things with minimal intervention but sometimes I just can't. help. it. and I feel compelled to go and bug him.

On the whole though we're a pretty good match. Although we're both generally sociable we also value Alone Time - not with each other - Alone alone time, in our own company. So I don't think either of us gets worried if the other person isn't talking or wanders off to do their own thing.

So. In conclusion, things are going well - sometimes there are stab in the fact moments, sometimes there are mushy moments - but on the whole things just feel right. (But don't worry, you'll be the first to know when he does something irritating.)


*Unfortunately my blogging hiatus occurred at the same time I was living in the shared house. This means that you guys missed out on some brilliant Tales of House-Shares, including one that will make your hair stand on end - I'll maybe have to tell you about that another time.


  1. "Iloveallfoodshoveitinmymouth" Ha - me too!!

    Have you been redecorating around here? Looks good! :)

  2. "Living with a boy Mk. II"

    Wow. I've been reading your blog a long time. Sometimes I feel it's only polite to point out that out occasionally, by way of commenting.

    I want to hear the House Share stories.

  3. Yeah, I was surprised how easy and non-eventful moving in with Tim was. That was eight years ago now. Man, time flies. And I also want to hear the crazy old House Share stories :-)


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