Monday, 5 July 2010

The blanket reveal

Do you remember that blanket I was working on?

Do you?

I know it was about a million years ago but I did finish it you know. And I did want to tell you about it but then certain life events took over and before I knew it...I’d forgotten to show you.

To be honest I was a little apprehensive about showing you. It’s more than a little rough around the edges, mainly because I haven’t blocked it. I was going to and then I read up about it and thought “Wow. That sounds like a huge pain in the backside” and then I moved into a room which gives me roughly enough floor space to block 6” of fabric and I figured I could cope without.

So now that I’ve successfully dimmed your hopes I present to you...

My First Blanket

Hurray for me. I am incredibly proud of him (why is it a he? I don’t know, just is) and love him. A lot.

(I do apologise for the crapness of these photos but I took them very quickly rather than setting them up nicely and making pretty arty shots.You get the gist of it right?!)

I didn’t love him when I was joining all the squares together though, that was not my favourite part of the process, definitely going to be looking in to the whole joining as you go business.

The edging? I didn’t really know what I was doing to be honest, I’d never thought about edging when the blanket was a little nugget in my mind’s eye. In the end I went all the way around it doing more treble clusters and then did some UK treble stitches into each stitch along the way. Then I was bored of making my blanket and announced it was FINISHED!

It makes me happy. It’s colourful and yet ordered. I’m not good at the whole just picking up a colour and seeing if it works, each square had a pattern going on in it, this girl is not good at random. And I love the white because it just keeps everything from getting too busy.

It now lies on my bed in all its glory. (Sorry, did I say bed? I mean back-breaking futon, but whatever) I do know that Maud has been known to sleep on it but I’m yet to get photographic evidence.

And really all the credit should go to Heather. Heather is the one that assured me I could do it and that I should stick with it and it was thanks to her tutorial on her blog that I managed to find my way. So to Heather The Crochet Master I say thank you.

The yarn talk should it mean anything to you is as follows:

Yarn used – Baby Rico. I realise I should have made a note of the colours to tell you but didn’t. Next time I’ll remember! I’m liking this wool because it’s really soft and is only £2.29 a ball (from my local yarn shop anyway, you can get it online for a little less). I felt like I wasn’t being a total cheapasaurus and rummaging through the 99p bin for horrible scratchy stuff but also wasn’t bankrupting myself shelling out for the more expensive stuff (Debbie Bliss, I would love to use you but unless I win the lottery, it ain’t gonna happen!).

I’m already working on my next project, a blanket for a new niece/nephew who is expected in late October/early November. But that’s a whole other story in itself.


  1. Oh my that is one gorgeous blanket, you should be rightly proud of yourself it looks amazing.

    Ooohh babies - tell us more :)

  2. Well done you, it looks great!

  3. Well you know that I am very impressed with your Mr. Blanket! The edges look good to me. I would have thought exactly the same as you when it came to the blocking! Have a happy week! Suzie xxx

  4. Lady, I am so so impressed with that blanket! I really truly of these days I will attempt to do something similar and I'll be expecting your guru expertise!

    Now - new blog - I've added it to my links but kept your old one too as lots of good stuff there. My sister and I often talk about you together - you know 'oh have you read the latest blog entry by the girl?' etc! So funny but thought I'd should let you know - might make you smile I thought...

    Anyway also need to get back to you via email but things are taking time...job hunting is the main focus but will get there in the end xxx

  5. Oh WOWEEE it is actually totally awesome! Not that I expected anything less but oof, that is one mighty fine blanket.
    I am so with you on the not blocking thing. Plus, your squares are really straight anyway!
    Love it xxxxx

  6. Wow - get you missus. You used crochet speak and everything. Am so completely jealous that you get it and I so obviously don't.

    Well done - you've ended up with a totally Acesome Blankie.

  7. Wow! Well done you! That blanket is gorgeous. There'll be no stopping you now ;-)


  8. Ooooh that is one yummy blanket!!!
    I'm struggling desperatley with hexagons so I can try a hexagon blanket with them...but its sooooo hard to get 'em right!
    Em xxx

  9. Awesome!! It looks great. But crochet....and cats.... I think its time to get the killer heels back on! xxxxxx

  10. A B-E-A-Utiful blanket. You are right to be uber-proud!

    I think you picked an ideal yarn for your blanket. Great colours and practical at the same time. And Heather's right, it is so neat it doesn't really need blocking anyway.

  11. Well thats just super dandy !
    Gemma :-)

  12. It's gorgeous. But i feel horribly guilty about the futon...

  13. i proper want to adopt mr. tom but i dont like to touch cats i dont know and he has a collar on but i've got a voice for him and everyfing!

    cheap horrible scratchy wool isnt all bad soon as you've fabric conditioned it its softer

  14. C'est magnifique!! I love it, the colours are beeeaauutiful and, you know, I think the cheaper yarn often wears better anyway. Have bookmarked Heather's tutorial for when I am feeling ready and brave enough to crochet! Nice to have a cosy blanket you've made on your new, er, back-breaking futon...!


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