Friday, 23 July 2010

Maggie and Maud Update

Where you wondering how Maggie and Maud were doing?

They are doing just fine.

Maggie has developed a rather annoying hilarious habit of jumping up on the sofa the second I stand up to go somewhere. She has developed a lightening quick ability to do this. Last night she was on there when my backside was barely three inches up from the seat. She persists in doing this despite the fact that she knows I’m going to move her when I come back.

Instead she glares at me, daring me to move her, and occasionally yowls at me in as much to say “Why are you so awful to me?!” What’s ridiculous about this is that I actually try not to move her and will jig about doing bits and bobs so that I don’t have to sit down just that minute or try to manoeuvre myself into the 5cm gap she’s left me to sit in.

Eventually I will give up and apologising to her, pick her up and move her. This is no mean feat. Maggie does not like to be touched. And will let you know this in a series of ear shattering growls and yowls and hissing. The strange thing is she absolutely does not bite or scratch you. It’s very strange, if you heard her you would think she’s the ultimate basement kitteh but she’s not evil at all. Really.

She will be absolutely outraged that I have deigned to touch her and will fling herself off the couch on to the floor in a heap of fur (she’s not the most graceful of kitties), only to return approximately 2 minutes later to get up in between Dorothy and I and lie out her full length against my thigh as if the incident has never occurred.

Maud is still beautiful. Although we have come to the conclusion that Maud could never be a model after all because she doesn’t really photograph well. No idea how she manages it but her true beauty and cuteness never seem to be accurately portrayed when you point a camera at her. Maybe she gets stage fright.

Maud comes and visits me in my room sometimes. Usually I am oblivious of her presence until I get into bed and she appears from under my bed and comes up on to the bed to see me. She will then proceed to throw herself down and do her super-cute face which requires you to stroke and tickle her. I get all excited when she comes and sleeps on my bed but alas it is never an all-night option. She doesn’t stay long before she gets off and goes to try and get into Dorothy’s bedroom or sleep downstairs.

I know that she sleeps on my bed during the day however and I am ashamed to admit that I have on a couple of occasions made my bed in the morning just for her to lie on. I know, I know, I agree, I'm mental but I’m being honest with you. Some mornings I can’t be bothered to make the bed and do it when I come back from work but some mornings, if Dorothy’s door is firmly shut, Maud comes in and sits on the bed and looks very forlorn amongst the chaos of quilt and blanket. So. I make the bed so she has a nice, flat surface to sleep on. I am seeking medical attention don’t worry.

I still haven’t got a brilliant photo of her on my bed, which annoys me greatly because she looks most beautiful against the crocheted blanket goodness. But I do have a rather blurry quick one that I took one night.

Here ends the Maggie and Maud update.


  1. Ooh this is a great post. I just loved looking at your photos! Your blanket looks really nice too.
    hugs Suex

  2. Ooh this is a great post. I just loved looking at your photos! Your blanket looks really nice too.
    hugs Suex

  3. Ha ha ha Mrs Twins did twin comments! Loved hearing about Maggie and Maud. Archie used to love sleeping on the bed, he used to get in and cuddle, and some days, I didn't make the bed because I didn't want to disturb him! Or I would delay washing the sheets until his lordship had decided to leave the boudoir! Gosh I miss him! Suie xxxxxx

  4. What cuties! I want one to keep me company and console me! We have dogs here and it isn't the same. We had a drama with one of the dogs recently though - will have to blog about it maybe. xxx

  5. So cute! I admit that often, I leave the bed unmade when Raymond is asleep in it... better not to disturb him... ;)


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