Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I need to write a post about my time in the deepest, darkest south a.k.a. Torquay but at the moment I can't even get the words out.

I haven't stopped since I got back up North and that means that my brain hasn't started functioning properly.

The reason that I haven't stopped is that the second I came home I unpacked my suitcase, packed it back up again, went to sleep, got up went to work (where I had the absolute day from hell) and then came to look after some little people.


...Guinea pigs!

I am taking my duties as guinea-pig surrogate mother very seriously but I will be back soon with a Torquay update. I should warn you not to be disappointed - if you think that it's going to be a post all about a lovely time by the seaside, filled with picturesque pictures then you're going to be mistaken, mainly because I fell off the wagon big time and made a rather epic return to drinking. (And no I wasn't supposed to.) And also because it pissed it down the whole time.


  1. Come on then let's hear all about it! The guinea pigs should keep you out of trouble for a while though, very cute!

  2. Oh my god - I must get me a guinea pig. They're so darn cute. And I'm gonna name it Olga De Polga after a book I read when I was about 7 (Oh, that seems like a lifetime ago). I'll pretend to the other half that it's a pet for Violet, but really it'll be mine, all mine - ha ha ha !!!!

    Did you hurt yourself when you fell off the wagon????? Oh deary me (I'm shacking my head in disappointment - tut tut, you naughty lady).

    Sorry the hear that the weather was so shitty whilst you were away in Torquay - it's been rather crappy here too :0( (Bloody Britain - is there ever any sunshine??)

  3. Oh I LOVE little Guinea Piggles! Just the fact that they're shaped like fat little sausages!

    Sorry to hear your weekend was disappointing, hope the piggies cheer you up!

  4. I'll pour myself a gin and await (what I assume will be) a very disgraceful post from Torquay. Just hope you managed to stay in your shoes this time. xxxxx

  5. Awww what cute little faces. I had no idea Guinea Pigs even needed baby sitting. I look forward to learning all about them and their fluffy little ways.

    And hearing all about your crazy wild ways in the cold damp English Riviera.

  6. Oh, oh, oh. So cute, so, so cute. Can we get some?

  7. So cute! Off to read the Torquay post now!


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