Monday, 2 August 2010

Fred and Lily update

Were you wondering how Fred and Lily are?


They are doing just fine.

Mum has become much braver about letting them out now and they go out for a little bit most days. This is a relief because I was starting to wonder if she was ever going to do it. You can’t blame her given what happened to Mabel and Fred doing his disappearing act, but cats are meant to play outside.

They are finding their feet when it comes to being in the big outdoors and have set about trying to make friends.

There are 2 cats nearby that Mum and I call, Big Mabel (who is actually a boy) and Big Mabel’s Sister (there is logic here. They both look like Mabel and one has a blue collar and one has a pink collar) Fred and Big Mabel (BM) do not get along. Fred took it upon himself to try and take BM on one day and came off the worse in the altercation. They just keep a safe distance from each other.

BM’s Sister is another matter however and there appears to be a budding romance going on between Fred and BMS. This could be the reason that BM and Fred aren’t getting on, BM’s being the protective older brother and trying to keep his sister away from the attentions of the ginger whinger.

Help could be at hand for Fred though in the form of Lily who appears to have struck up a friendship with BM. We knew nothing about this until she was spotted late one evening, having escaped through an open window, strolling up the street with BM. Mum was less than impressed, both with her escape antics and her choice of late night walking partner.

They have both learned the hard way that the buzzy black and yellow things are not friends.

Apart from that life is pretty much the same old, same old. Lily continues to sleep in her favourite place, on top of the kitchen cupboards and Fred sleeps on the bed, preferably on your clothes if you happen to leave them there.

They both still enjoy a good rampage about the house.


Here ends the Fred and Lily update.


  1. Love that first photo - they look like matching cats in two colourways: Just Me Cats - now available in black AND ginger!

  2. Ha! Fab stuff! They so remind me of 2 of my 3 cats (they are brothers, 2 years old), MacBeth is ginger and white, and Atticus is grey and white. They have the same build and everything! Glad they're doing fine, despite what they say about a dog being a "man's" best friend, I just LOVE cats! xx

  3. I love hearing about Fred & Lily.

  4. Those kits look so sweet and innocent (tee hee) and wouldn't ever do anything they were supposed to, I just know it is so!

  5. Awhhhh! You are making me miss having a cat! No!!!!! Ha ha! Thanks for your email, I will be sending you one back later. you are so kind! Susie xxx

  6. I've got the perfect friend for them in Canterbury. She lives around the corner and only has three legs but is always bouncing around and full of joy. She also stays on the curb... a good role model for all kitties!

  7. dating... how sweet...the raping part not so much but let's not dwell on that... I love you cats they always look like they are saying 'what?!' when they look at you! xxx

  8. Just love the photos!
    Hugs Suex


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