Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Don't worry, you didn't all scare me off with your responses to my When is a Classic, not a Classic? post.

It turned out that the cold that I was determined to sweat out of my system, didn't want to sweated out and I was struck down in the prime of life for a few days. (No it really wasn't that dramatic, it was just a wee cold, was sorted out with a couple of days sleep.)

Then life got a bit crazy and I just don't have time to blog at the moment.

There is lots to talk about though, I just need to wait until next week until all the craziness has died down.

So bear with me 'kay!?



  1. Glad you're feeling better.
    Take care of yourself and have some 'me' time amongst the busy-ness! x

  2. What's you up to? Hope it's good x

  3. Ive just got rid of my stinker. Hope you feel better soon. PS posting today. x

  4. Hope it's been crazy in a good way! x

  5. Consider me bearing ;-)

    ps - am totally impressed you know Brian Cox!! Is he lovely in real life?

  6. Sorry to hear you're poorly. Look after yourself x

  7. Just scrolled down to see how many posts I have missed whilst being in Wales - you're still prolific lady...even with a cold! xxx


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