Sunday, 27 February 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February

So I heard through Jill that Kathy was doing this thing called a Photo Scavenger Hunt. And given that I’m already trying to take a photograph every day to fulfil Project 365 I thought that I might as well give this a go. Apart from anything it could provide me with a photograph on those days when nothing else was doing.

The list for February contained the following 12 items:

A big lorry/truck
A big round clock face
A bridge
A musical instrument
A newspaper headline
A park bench
A postbox
Something heartshaped
Something red
Something with stripes
Your shoes

And it was bloody harder than I thought. I didn’t want to go too obvious on all of them but my creativity is unfortunately limited, not to mention it’s hard to scavenge when you walk the same route and sit in the same office 5 days a week (I kept waiting for a bridge to appear at my desk but it never happened).

However it was hard in a fun way if you catch my drift and there were a few of the categories where I ended up with more than one photo that I wanted to submit.

To see them in all their glory you can go here and to see everyone else’s entries then have a wee look see at the group photos.

1. Big round clock face
2. A park bench
3. Something red
4. Newspaper headline

The clock face I wanted to picture immediately because it’s been there as long as I can remember and, like myself unfortunately, it’s starting to look its age. I hesitate to use the over-used word “retro” but I think this is coming close to falling into that category.

I walk through a park every day so this one was a case of the proverbial walk through the park. I was hoping and hoping for a brighter day but it never happened so this picture looks particularly bleak.

This sign is on the building that I work in and was put up to stop people having to run a rather smokey gauntlet as they tried to get into the building. It looks fierce. But fails spectacularly.

I couldn’t think of anything to do but just photograph a newspaper for this one. But I did choose an important day and I cracked out an arty angle to make it a bit special.

5. Something with stripes
6. Something heartshaped
7. A postbox
8. Eyes

Credit for this photo goes to Dorothy who suggested a subject outside the box for this one. Maud’s rather splendid tabby stripes. Maud willingly acted as model for me as I spent a morning trying to get the best of her stripes captured.

Some cross stitched hearts on a Valentine’s Day card I made the Other Person. Predictable I know but what could I do?!

I had done another ‘arty’ shot of a post box down my street for this one when what should I spot but a freakin’ blue postbox near the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Cue much excited jumping up and down. Anyone know why it’s blue? Nope me neither.

The last one on the list to get. I was panicky. February was drawing to a close. I was sat at my desk pondering what I photo I could take. And then I glanced down and saw the bright beady black eyes of my little monkey, who sits on my computer. His black eyes were shining out at me and I felt that it was probably a sign so I grabbed a quick shot.

9. A bridge
10. A big lorry/truck
11. A musical instrument
12. Your shoes

I was spoiled for choice when on my recent trip to Manchester - these are couple of bridges just outside the train station at Deansgate.

One thing this challenge has been useful for is in dealing with my embarrassment levels when on my own and taking photos in public. I can tell you you don’t half feel like a complete bloody twat sometimes. Case in point my photo of a big truck. This bad boy has been parked in Queen’s Gardens in the city centre of Hull for weeks. They’re draining the ponds and this guy has been on hand to get rid of all the nastiness that has been lurking beneath the depths for goodness knows how long. I saw him and knew he’d be brilliant for the challenge but I was so mortified at the prospect of taking a photo of it and having people look at me going “Great. Just what Hull needs. Another mentalcase.” In the end I kind of snapped and ran, without actually coming to a standstill. Must be self conscious next time.

I was worried about this one because I don’t play a musical instrument anymore and was debating the horror of going into a music shop and asking if I could take a photo of an instrument there when suddenly this guy popped up. It’s a sign on an old building that doesn’t appear to be in use in Lancaster and I spotted it as I scurried past after my (unsuccessful) interview.

I love these shoes. They make me happy. They might be too loud for some and a lot of the time I don’t have the nerve to wear them outdoors but they make me smile all the time. I need to start wearing them more.


Bring on March!


  1. Love your shoes!! A great selection of photos. xxxx

  2. Ooh, interesting, but I can imagine it's harder than it seems. We have a smoke gauntlet outsied our building too, it's horrible!

  3. Great photos! Those shoes are FAB, you should wear them everyday! I reckon they would go great with jeans. I dare you to wear them for work one day next week, and take a pic for your Project 365! Go, on I dare you! :)

  4. You've done much much better than I. You've taken some great pics. I'm loving Maud's stripes, monkey eyes and the blue postbox.

  5. Well cue my eyes lighting up when I saw the shoes category on the list. I love taking photos of my shoes a little bit too much. I am jealous of those yellow beauties. I have no yellow shoes and clearly fail at life.

    Also YES to the stripy cat photo. Oscar has excellent tiger stripes on the insides of his legs and they are much fun to photograph.


  7. What a lovely collection of photos! Some really nice finds. Loving the stripes... and the shoes. I said I'd do this for February, having chickened out on January. Maybe March will be my month!

  8. I love your shoes! I ordered some Okabashi's yesterday. I hope to be wearing them before the end of the week. :o)

    Love the post box. I didn't realize yours were round.

    When I read the list I thought it sounded easy enough. But upon thinking about where I would find all of the items it started getting harder. You did good!

  9. I love those shoes too! How crazy and cool are they?

    Love the photos too! xxx

  10. Oh ! I could have done that one for something with stripes as I have two stripey cats ! Great pic.
    Love the bench & postbox.

  11. I have put a lint to your photos on my blog, it is great to see what everyone has snapped!

  12. Love the photos and the stories that go with them! My husband thinks I'm mad when I keep stopping to take photos of weird things. ... and I feel very strange taking some others on my own.I feel a bit like a stalker!!!!
    Thanks for joining in.
    Love kathy xxx

  13. Hello, I clicked a link on Lyn's blog to come and have a nosy at your photos!

    A nice selection of photos. I got a bit excited when I saw a blue postbox -wow!! I wonder why it is blue?!

    I used to feel like an idiot as I take a lot pf photos of all sorts of things (I'm a bit obsessed I think!). I used to miss out on photos I really wanted to take because I didn't want to take it when there were people around, but then I just decided that it was none of their business and I didn't care what they thought! With that mindset, I now take pictures of whatever I like, and at whatever angle I like even that means getting into odd positions!

    I look forward to seeing your photos for this month.


  14. My son moans at me for taking pictures in public and sometimes I can't quite bring myself to take ones where there are too many people who may think I;m a bit strange!
    Love th blue postbox,v unusual.
    Lisa x

  15. That blue postbox is uber-cool! x


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