Monday, 7 February 2011

I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this post.

When I embarked on Project 365 I heeded the advice of Lucy who said that there would be days when you struggled to take a photo at all and days when there were too many to choose from.

So far I've had most of the former situations, desperately scrabbling around for a photo. But this weekend was different and I wanted to put up a montage. This was weird for a few reasons, not least because I found myself with a rare day off this Saturday. A day where I didn't have anything planned or anyone to see, a day where I could legitimately sit on my behind and do whatever I wanted to do.

So whilst I sulked about having to choose just one picture it suddenly occurred to me that I have a blog where I could put up as many freaking pictures as I want to.

So I'm gonna people. I'm just gonna.

What does a girl do when she has a whole day of nothing ahead of her?

She crochets people. She gets her hook out. She gathers together all her left over scraps of wool and she embarks on a project. The latest project is a cushion cover. Mainly because I've been wanting to do one for ages and also because I wanted to do something that required little brain power. I worry sometimes about the ease with which I reach for things that don't require much brain power - I can feel my cells atrophying sometimes.

At the moment the cushion is going to have 9 granny squares on one side and I'm thinking about doing something different for the other side. See? See how my brain is dying? "Something different" I'm just so articulate sometimes.

There are 6 squares made up so far and I am most definitely feeling the love. I think that something strange happens when you edge your squares in white, it seems to instantly add some kind of vintage feel to the squares. Everything begins to look kind of kitschy and cool. I'd explain better but clearly the power of speech has escaped me at the moment.

The only downside of sitting on my backside all day is that I get a severe case of the guilts once it gets to the evening. I try to be lazy I really really do but I will just never be that good at it. I'm not properly built for lazing. The guilts hit on Saturday night and I knew I had to do something to stop me feeling like too much of a lazy bint. Lucky I have a fallback for such situations...

I get my bake on.

It's easy and quick and the results always look slightly disproportionate to the effort you put in (at least if you bake like me and don't pick anything taxing). So after one hour and only one major incident involving a flour explosion I had managed to create the last Mincemeat Cake of the season, using up the last of the mincemeat from Christmas and also some Snickerdoodles from Rachel Allen's 'Bake' book which I decided to bake on a whim because I had the ingredients already in (loved that feeling, I felt like a real-life baker for a moment. Until the flour explosion.)

And now I've written all this and I've realised that really there weren't that many pictures to choose from for Project 365 and I have absolutely no idea why I'm writing this post.

Don't be too mean to me. I've decided to stay up to watch the Superbowl and I think I'm delirious with lack of sleep.


There's a link to my photostream on the sidebar. You can see what picture I did actually go with for 5th February. (Note. It wasn't one of the ones in this post.)


  1. How can you lose 4 stone AND bake cake? xxxx

  2. What the hell is a Snickerdoodle??? I'm gonna have to go and look this up.

  3. Saturdays were made for baking :¬)

  4. Nice photos! Sometimes we all need a lazy weekend, especially when the weather is so gross.

  5. I like the explains under the photos. And the cake. I do rather like cake.

  6. Yes, I like crochet edged in white/cream too! Seriously gonna have to get my hook on now, my friend has had her baby and I only have 6 squares of a 36-square balnket, and I have no idea yet how to join them or do an edging!

    Re. Project 365 - I never struggled much on a weekend no matter how lazy I was, it's the 9-5 days that did it for me!

    Hope you're not feeling too horrendous this morning after your late night!

  7. Productive domestic goddess...and she runs! Amazing

  8. Your lost 4 stone, bake and crochet ha ha i think you are just bragging!!!

  9. What a perfect Saturday! You must have needed to put your feet up and eat a snickerdoodle after all that hard work! x

  10. I wish I could adopt your idea of 'lazy'! I'm afraid my Guilts just don't make me feel as guilty as they should. Sounds like a nice way to spend a Saturday :)


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