Friday, 1 April 2011

The Birthday Glut

I think I’m going to start a new tradition. As surely as day follows night and daffodils will bloom and David Cameron will have a big smug face then I am going to complain about my birthday. It’s just going to happen. I can try and fight it and keep quiet but the Selfish Brat won’t let me.

Really I’m not complaining about my birthday – I’m complaining about the fact that everyone else was born at the same time.

Seriously, you ask anyone and I would put money on it that they will know at least one person who was born at the end of March/beginning of April. I don’t know what it’s about but it’s kind of a fact. As in a fact that’s not really a fact, it’s just something that I’m saying is a fact. I could do research but that’s just taking things a step too far isn’t it?

Last year I got the hump because stupid Easter fell on the day of my birthday. I was most disgruntled about it and wrote a post about it on my old blog. (This is worth another look, if only to read the last comment which came at the end of January, so only 8.5 months late, and entirely managed to miss the massive tongue in cheek nature of the post. I almost deleted it when it came through but felt it had to stay there because it only highlighted the idiocy of  Mr/Mrs Anonymous)
This year Easter has left me well and truly alone although Mother’s Day has raised its ugly head, falling on the day before my birthday. I don’t mind being nice to my Mum for the day, although she may have to accept that I’ll be doing it with more than a trace of a hangover, having gone out the night before to celebrate my birthday.

It’s just so freaking expensive, that’s what’s annoying about it. After being paid on 21st March I promptly had to buy for:

- Youngest nephew – March 24th
- Dorothy – March 27th
- Middle nephew – April 1st
- Friend’s birthday and Mother’s Day – April 3rd
- Brother-in-law – April 4th (same day as me. I ask you, would it have killed her to fall in love with someone who wasn’t born on the same day as her sister? Some people are just so selfish.)
- Eldest nephew – April 5th

Surely there’s some kind of human rights violation going on here? Seven presents?! There must be some archaic law that states that you only have to pay for a certain number of presents within a certain period of time?

By the time my birthday comes around I will of course be ridiculously over-excited (what age does that stop by the way?) but also sad because I know that not only will I have the post-birthday come-down, but I won’t be able to buy anything to cheer myself up until April 21st and the next payday.

I was talking about having all these birthdays at this time of year and someone suggested that I don’t buy for some of the people – I explained that as all but two of the presents were for family this wasn’t the best idea. But then I thought, maybe next year I could put all those names in a hat and then draw a couple out and those are the only people I buy for that year. I could be on to something here...


  1. This post made me laugh out loud, bad luck on the heavy crop of birthdays! Maybe next year you should add yourself to that essential list of people to buy for?! Syphon away a bit of hard-earned cash for a treat? x

  2. HA you think you have it bad. My OH and I have the same birthday and HE'S a twin!!!! It's more like blinking Christmas than a day when I get spoiled.

  3. All the best people are born at this time aren't they?????? she says having a b'day on 3rd April!!!! lol Not happy that it clashes with Mothers Day though. Sue x x x

  4. It's not just you! We were counting this at work the other day and out of a full time staff of about 20, 8 have their birthday in a 3 week end-of-March-to-mid-April period. And that includes two of my colleagues who I'm really good friends with, so double presents are needed for them, plus my two best friends are ALSO born in April. No wonder I'm always skint!

  5. No you're right, it is a fact that the world and his wife are born in March/early April. I have 10 Birthdays, my parent's wedding anniversary and Mother's Day. People must be extra fertile around June/July.

  6. I'm just hoping you get lots of nice birthday presents to keep you amused until 21st April.

    Have a great birthday weekend! x

  7. Loving the anonymous comment!!

    I actually don't have any birthdays in April - my bogey months are January, February (inc mine), March, September and November, and then December's Christmas, and then it's January again!

    Have a brilliant birthday!! xxx

  8. I read your other anonymous comment - I didn't think it was that bad! Perhaps they were being ironic too. (probably not you think?)Anyway you can't have everyone agreeing with you can you?

    I have never known anyone born end of March/beginning April but my daughter has her birthday in the middle and it is often bang in the middle of Easter - which we have always loved as it is a lovely holiday. She has had it on Good Friday and Easter Monday. One good thing is that she only ever had one day in school and she was outraged by that. It is one long fortnight fest of Easter bunnies and birthday cake. My favourite time of the year is April, I love it. It's a great time to be born; the very best. So no sympathy for sharing with Easter then, sorry! But I do get what you are saying about having so many other birthdays all at once and having to share the actual day (Aries don't tend to like sharing but they have other qualities that make them special. Honesty for one!)

    By the way mostly us anonymous people are so because we have no online ID or we can't remember passwords and it is a hassle, sometimes even resulting in our words being eaten by the ether, which is cross making.

  9. Oh dear, I went back and read your post from last yr ...that person just didn't understand your humour eh?! I know loads of people as well with birthdays at this time of year. I know for a fact I was a "happy accident" caused my too much sangria on summer holiday lol.. PS - Thanks for the blog award x

  10. Try being born on your brother's birthday so you never EVER get your birthday all to yourself - we even had to have a half and half cake. His half blue and my half pink :(

  11. Hope you have a wonderful extra Happy Birthday just for you!

    Thanks for coming by to see my Photo Hunt photos ~ and now onto the next list :)

  12. Hope you have a fab birthday!
    The last week of March is a nightmare for me, birthday-wise. I either know, or are related to people who have birthdays on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 28th. And 2 of those dates have more than one birthday on them!! Argh!
    It would have been my dad's 73rd birthday today. I'm going to have a little celebration in my head for him :-)

  13. Ahhh, end March/April is a nightmare for me too... step-bro followed by step-mum followed by mother's day followed by mum followed by ME on the 13th April, by which time everybody is birthday-ed out and can't be bothered. Evidenced by the fact that I always just used to get Easter eggs for my birthday! Clearly they'd had enough of actual present shopping!

  14. March is a deluge of birthdays for me too. Personally (don't hate me) I put some money aside every month and then I can spend it in March and Christmas.

    I think buying for your brother-in-law is quite generous too. In-Laws of the Mooncalf Clan don't even get a card.

  15. I just realised. Doh! It must be your birthday today!!!

    Happy birthday!! I hope your nephews have bought you millions of gifts ad there is cake and balloons and champagne and tonnes of other brilliant stuff!!!

    Happy happy birthday!!!!

  16. I'm with the anon from Jan 2011!

    Just how old are you!?!?!?

    Get over it, I had a sick child to look after on my last birthday, it's all about priorities & with your attitude I feel sorry for anyone in your life.

  17. Whoever wrote the above is just mean spirited and doesn't know you very well so ignore them!!! Going anon is always rather cowardly I think anyway...

    Just to support you and all....

    I know what you mean about this time of year - there are a lot of march/april babies! I'm an april baby too. I guess people get frisky 9 months before so what is that (doing the maths) Oh okay August...yeah summer does mean sex... oh well.... Hugs and a belated happy birthday! xxx

  18. Hmm, I think Anonymous there needs to find her sense of humour!

    Anyway, perhaps all these birthdays fall around the same time as yours because your day is so special and they want to join in, so you could look at it as a kind of birthday fan club...

    Is that helping? Oh, alright...


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