Friday, 22 April 2011

Feeling Stitchy: April Stitch-a-long - Finished!

And so I have finally finished my second ever little piece of embroidery. I am feeling mighty pleased with both it and myself. She is such a pretty little dancey lady.

Just in case anyone is interested in the breakdown of the things I've done for this piece then this post is going to be full of lovely information. If embroidery's not your thing then you might want to come back another day.

All the colours I've used are DMC threads. The name's of the stitches might not be right because I'm not an expert at these kinds of things. I have a little book called The Embroidery Stitch Bible - and indeed it is, it's jam packed full of stitches with handy little diagrams. I've used this piece to practice some new stitches - you never know when these things might come in useful.

The umbrella - Red- 606,  Yellow - 726, Orange - 741, Purple - 209, Green - 704, Blue - 798, Pink - 3806, Grey (umbrella handle) - 414.

Stitches used - Back stitch to outline, Brick stitch to fill in, Stem stitch for the umbrella handle.

The coat and dress - Blue - 3843, Purple (stripes) - 3839, Yellow - 744.

Stitches used - Coat outlined in back stitch. Lapels, pockets and buttons in satin stitch and dress in brick stitch.

The hair - Dark brown - 434, Medium brown - 436, Light brown - 437

Stitches used - Chain stitch. This was time consuming but oh so oh so worth it because I think I love her hair the most of all. I was initially just going  to do it all one colour but thought I would be brave and try something a bit different. There wasn't any particular method, I just stuck a lighter brown in whenever I felt like it but I was really pleased with the overall effect.

From beginning to end.

The rain was done in a loopy kind of stitch, for which I have no idea what the name is. I don't even know how I know to do it, it must have sunk into my brain as a result of reading too many stitchy type blogs.

The flowers were also cool but I can't get a decent enough picture of them close up to show the detail, but I used a stitch I've never done before called a Herringbone Stitch which was great for the leaves, it is being stored in the memory bank in case I embroider flowers in the future.

So there we have it. I've no idea what I'm going to do with her. I've got some tutorials saved so I can properly frame her in the hoop she's in now and I guess I'll get some ribbon and string her up somewhere and look at her and feel proud of myself.

A huge thank you needs to go to Feeling Stitchy for hosting the April Stitch-a-long - the pattern for this month was free and can be found here.


  1. That is super cool. You are super cool!

  2. She's really lovely! What an achievement. I think she definitely deserves a home on your wall.

    I have an embroidery kit that I bought ages ago and still haven't done. Did you find it difficult and pull your hair-outy? x

  3. Ooh I have boots like that! And hair that length - sadly no deliciously stripy coat though.

    You must have the patience of a saint - all those fiddly types of stitches and they all look so neat.

    ps - copy away, this dress is so fun that I think everyone should own one. I've been swooshing round the skirt all day.

  4. It's ABSOLUTELY brilliant! The different colours in the hair are really effective and I love the brick stitch. Alex is right, you must be so patient! x

  5. I want that hair, I approve of the rainbow umbrella and overall, well, it's pretty pretty.

  6. The hair is great, and the dress too. You must have a lot more patience than me, my embroidery is never half as neat or consistent as yours.

  7. Fabulous! I love everything about her, you must be so proud of yourself! Love the hair and the boots! xx

  8. She looks great! I so don't have the patience for all those teeny stitches. In my head I'd love to have a go but in reality I know it'd end up an unfinished project! Well done you x

  9. She's sweet! Very springy despite that pesky rain ;)

  10. Is it quite fiddly? Did your cross-stich experience help? I'd love to have a go one day...where do you find the time though miss? I feel like I am forever busy! So beautiful though - I reckon you should keep it for yourself and frame as your first embroidery achievement! xxx

  11. Oh superb!!! Well done you, it looks like a LOT of work! Yeah, i'd probably frame it in its hoop and hang it somewhere where you can admire it all the time!

  12. Just saw this and thought of you.

    Think I shall do one myself too. Happy Tuesday.


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