Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Weekend Review

Apologies for my brief absence, I was busy with all manner of birthday things and Mother’s Day things and then I got kind of a wanky comment on my Birthday Glut post that made me not really feel like blogging for a couple of days. (But I am taking it as a positive – if you start to get mean Anonymous comments I think that means your blog is getting out there and being seen by more people. But really, why would you take the time out of your life to be a bitch to someone you don’t even know? Just click on that little cross on the top right hand of the page and move on with your life.)


A lot happened this weekend. I try to steer away from “This is what I did this weekend” posts but I’m making an exception because it was kind of awesome.

Saturday was all kinds of awesome. As I said before, there’s a lot of birthdays this time of year (cue the song Summer Lovin’), and luckily enough for me my friend was born the day before me. This means that we get to do birthday nights out together which is always fun because a) it means at least one other person is definitely going to come out so you won’t be a total failure and b) you actually can end up looking very popular because two sets of friends come out, no-one needs to know that half of those people don’t know you.

It was your standard excellent night out – lots of drinking and even more dancing. Not cool dancing where you sway and pout your lips and try to look sexy, but dancing like you are slightly deranged. Maybe throwing in a few sub-standard street moves. Basically having a laugh. Not enough people are fun on a night out I’ve decided. I mean we’re all coupled off now – I say let’s make the most of it – we’re not out to pull, some poor unfortunate has already decided they love us, let’s make fools of ourselves! It’s not a mantra that many of my friends follow through to the degree that I do but at least I enjoy myself.

The Person knows how to have fun. That’s why I love him. He doesn’t care either so I had at least one person to be silly with. It’s ridiculous that he lives so far away you know.

I danced so much that my poor thighs haven’t let me hear the end of it since. Why go to the gym when you can just dance in heels? Seriously, best work out ever, although it has been a struggle going down stairs for the past few days.

Sunday was time to go into dutiful daughter mode. That is incredibly difficult when you’re pretty sure your head is going to explode and your poor body is at pains to remind you that you’re only a couple of day off 28 and can’t behave like the weirdo that you did the night before. I spent the day in the kitchen, making stuff for the Mother’s Day dinner round at Mum’s. I figured it was easier to make it at mine and then transport it over to be heated up.

On the menu? Curry shepherd’s pie with chilli and mango chutney mash. It’s freaking lovely and I could eat it all day every day. And I also made a rhubarb cheesecake which was so delicious that I thought I had died and gone to rhubarb heaven. I love these dishes because I now know that they taste very good and impress people and yet are so easy to make you can do it when extremely hungover. (I should develop a symbol in my recipe folder that denotes meals that can be made when hungover – perhaps it would take the form of a wine glass or a party hat.) Anyway most importantly maximum Best Daughter in the World points were earned and that’s all that matters right? Oh yeah and Mum had a good day blah blah blah.

Monday was the day that this person turned one whole year older. 28. Who’d have thunk it? There were presents and cards - Fred even put himself in a gift bag for me, such a lovely boy.

Unfortunately I soon realised that my expert planning skills had failed me somewhat and I hadn’t planned to do anything for my actual birthday. Other than take the day off work there was nothing lined up. There was the opportunity for me to go to Hornsea for the day with my Mum and her friend but I just couldn’t face doing it....

“What did you do for your 28th birthday?”

“Oh I went to Hornsea with my 65 year old mother and her friend.”

I just couldn’t I’m afraid so I went home and did a whole lot of nothing, which was actually kind of nice. I felt like I should have been doing something much more spectacular and I think it felt odd because what with using up annual leave and having to take time off sick I’ve been sitting at home quite a bit lately, but it was nice nonetheless. Then it was back to Mum’s for birthday risotto and leftover rhubarb cheesecake. Win.

I got a rather splendiferous haul of presents which I do want to talk to you about but fear I have bored you enough already.

If only all weekends could be this good.


  1. Well Anon and his little Anon friend can just arse off...
    Welcome back! You were missed. Glad you had such a lovely weekend, and the rhubarb cheesecake sounds like all kinds of delish. Am going to have to give that a try. xxx

  2. Sounds brill, esp the cheesecake lol.. Happy belated Bday for Mon...!! xx

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had such a fun weekend. Anonymous should just piss off, didn't their Mum tell them that if they don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?!

  4. wanky comments suck big hairy balls.
    Happy birthday :D

  5. Argh - look at Fred, he's amazing! Glad you had a good time, all the food looks fab. I usually find that aching legs after a night out mean that I have in fact been attempting Sexy Dancing, even the dreaded Crazy In Love!!

    Oh and by the way what sort of shallow person are you to put your own Best Daughter Sibling Point Scoring ahead of your Mum's enjoyment of Mother's Day - sheeesh!



  6. It sounds like you had wonderful birthday weekend. It's only right that you had a couple of blog days off to recover. You're a very good daughter for cooking such a lovely meal with a hangover.

    Happy Birthday for Monday! x

  7. Happy birthday a little late then! Nice to hear you had a great time!

  8. Birthdays are always good - they kind of have to be - sounds like you had an ace one! You're a year younger than me you lucky gal! Make the person move closer or visa versa is what I say...and I want to know about presents - of course we want to know about presents!!! duh!!! xxx PS Lush food - like the sound of curry shepherds pie - recipes? xxx

  9. awwwww CAT IN A BAG!!!!!!

    Sometimes there is so much INFORMATION in your posts that it is hard to know which bit to comment on.


    Also, I am trying to teach my cat to wave. I tired teaching him to shake paws but she I reach out to him he puts his head on my hand and purrs.


  10. I think it's because you did the same moan two years on the trot that you came across as a bit spoilt - so a couple of people have had ago. It didn't really seem that tongue in cheek to be honest. Moaning at others on a blog post while not expecting people to moan at you is a bit unrealistic. Other people also have an opinion.

  11. Well pfft to the anon on the last post. If they don't get your sense of humour then that's their problem.

    I did just go WAAHHHHH out loud at the extreme cuteness of Fred in a bag. I know I still have posts to catch up on but if you haven't done a present haul already, get your skates on! I love knowing what people get for their birthday.


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