Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sounds of Good Friday

- The sound of a beeping car horn at 5.40am

- The sound of the fog horns on the docks in the early morning mist

- The rustle of the plastic bag as I cleared up the dead Blackbird I found outside the back door

- The sound of the hoover as I cleaned all of the house

- The scrub of the sponge on the hob as I got busy with the cream cleaner

- The hiss of the steam coming out of the iron whilst...

- ...The Archers played in the background

- The grumbling yowl of Maggie as she stretched her full length out on my bed

- The sound of my flip flops slapping against my feet as I walked to the shops

- The beep of the checkouts as I filled my basket

- The sound of a meat cleaver in the butchers as I bought the sausages to go in the sausage rolls I plan to make today

- The flutter of the birds in the garden as I pegged washing out on the line...

- ...And the distant roar of the fans at the KC Stadium watching the Hull KR/Hull FC Superleague derby match.

- The sizzle of the prawns in the pan as I made myself a stir fry for dinner

- The dripping of the tap as I lay, wallowing in the bath, reading my book

- The sound of a boiling kettle in the kitchen as I made my last cup of tea of the day

- The tiny creak of the bed as I settled in underneath freshly, line-dried sheets to go to sleep

It was a good day.


  1. Lovely things and lovely post. Friday is my day to change our sheets too -I look forward to getting into bed all day.

  2. Very productive! The sounds of my day were the kettle boiling svereal million times, and my granny commenting on Kate Middleton's weight!

  3. Loved your post today, just ove the clean sheet feel and smell too. x

  4. What a lovely way of thinking about your day, good to notice all those little things that add to our lives. Happy Easter x

  5. What a fun post! It sounds like you had a very busy but productive day. And I'm glad I'm not the only person to catch up with The Archers while cleaning!

    Have a very happy Easter! x

  6. Lovely post (although the dead blackbird spoilt it a bit for me lol)!!

  7. I do love a day just spent pottering around the house. Not so keen on cleaning up dead things though. Was it natural causes or did one of the cats get it?

  8. Sounds lovely. That blackbird wasn't an Easter present from Maggie, was it?


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