Saturday, 2 April 2011

Project 365: A look back at March

Hurray! I am officially a quarter of the way through the year – this both pleases and horrifies me. Pleases in the sense that I can feel a sense of achievement at keeping up with taking a photo every day and horrifies in the sense’s April already.

This month hasn’t been too bad actually, I’ve accepted that some days, it’s going to be kind of rubbish photo but sometimes my life really isn’t that interesting. Unbelievable I’m sure, but true.

Anyway, the round up of this month’s photos follows:

02/03 – My bed – I love this picture of my bed in all its fairy-lit and crocheted goodness. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting in your own bed – this feels strange in a way because I’d been away at my Mum’s all week with the house to myself, it’s not like I needed peace, I had a whole house, but I needed my bed.

14/03 – Sunny morning – I love this photo because even though it was crazily cold that day, frost on the cars and sparkling pavements, it did feel like Spring – if only because it’s properly daylight now when I’m walking to work. I just think it’s beautiful.

16/03 – Major fog – And this was a mere 2 days after the beautiful morning in the above picture. How can 2 mornings, so close together be so different? This fog was pretty full on, I could hear the fog horns from my bedroom in the dead of night and they’re a long long way away and this fog didn’t really clear all day. I have to confess that I caught the bus in to work this morning because the fog kind of scared me and I didn’t want to walk through the park. I know. I’m ridiculous.

20/03 – Mr X Stitch stand at the Stitch & Craft exhibition – Also known as The Best Weekend Ever. I got to meet real life famous people in the form of Mr X Stitch and Emily Peacock and I helped other people cross stitch, it was brilliant.

25/03 – Drunk – This makes me laugh whenever I see it. It reminds of being with The Person for the first time in a month, it reminds me of sunny days sitting in the park and mostly it’s just hilarious. I have to almost admire someone who can pass out like that and still keep their can upright.

28/03 – Maud – Look at her gorgeous little face. And how much of a sunny/spring/summer/awesomeness mood is there about it? This was the first day of the year that I hung my washing out on the line which I felt was a worthy occasion to mark (ok, so it didn’t really get warm enough to properly dry it, but the sentiment was there). Maud was very happy because she loves the outdoors and wants everyone else to love it too – she chatters away to you when you go outside and likes to hang about and keep an eye on what you’re doing.


I’m ready for April – how many photos of blossom is considered too many photos of blossom?....


  1. Surely there are never too many photos of blossom - have you seen my Flickr account lately. Oops flower overload.

  2. Oh I love my bed too! Wee Maud is soo pretty :)

  3. Well done - it's must be great to think that you're part of the way there. You are so motivated. I wish I had that talent! x

  4. I don't like the fog because it makes me feel as though my glasss have steamed up, even if I'm not wearing them.

    I saw a similar passed-out-drunk today - not in the park though, just on a grass verge near Sainsbury's...

  5. I really like your photos, especially the one of your blanket and pillow. I would love to be able to crochet something like that.
    Oh and the drunk guy has clearly done that before - no first timer could have mad skills like that!

  6. If you were scared of the fog don't watch the stephen king film The Mist - but then I'm guessing you read the book...which is maybe why you were nervous in the first place...

    Like the picture of the stitch show - hey did you ever take photos of the cross stitch slogan thing you did? xxx


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