Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crazy Cat Lady Part 11 - Harry

As I said in my last post, I'm living at my Dad's house at the moment. This is great in many ways but for one rather huge one.

A distinct lack of furry people.

My whole life has been filled with cats. As long as I've been alive, there's been a cat there. There are stories of Smudge lying like one of the lions in Trafalgar Square alongside my Moses basket. Apart from when I was at university, there's been a total period of about 4 months when I haven't had a cat at home.

Here at Dad's there are no cats for me. They're not cat people, they obviously had Jess, but since she died there's no piece of fur to cuddle up to and quite frankly it sucks.

I mean who the hell are you supposed to talk to if there isn't a cat wandering about? Talking to myself just makes me feel plain batty. Talking to a cat is just like talking to another person. (Isn't it?!)

Me being me, I'm always on the look out for another cat to make friends with and I've been in luck at Dad's. Now that Jess isn't around anymore, moggies have begun to come into the garden to make it their own. Most of them are irritatingly skittish. Why don't they realise that I'm lovely?

But I have managed to make friends with next door's cat, Harry.

Harry lives with his sister Daisy - she looks just like Harry but is minus a tail. Harry comes and sunbathes on the path in the garden, and sometimes comes and braves it on the patio.

Our relationship is fragile to tell you the truth. Sometimes he likes me and is happy to come and have a stroke, sometimes he runs from me as if I'm a cat-stealing ogre.

If his owners are in their garden he's more likely to stay with me and roll about and have a flirt. I think he needs the reassurance of their presence. When they're talking to me I guess he figures I'm unlikely to put my cat-stealing plan into action and is happy to hang about.

It's not perfect but it will do. And let's face it, I have another 2 months to put my plan into full action.

He will be mine.

*cue evil laugh*

It's a good job I'm only staying round the corner from my house so I can sneak back and steal Maggie and Maud cuddles. Otherwise I might go mad.


I am about to disappear until next week - I'm off to see The Person. Hurray for me. Don't be jealous.


  1. I know what you mean. I'm probably missing Bernard more than Mr Woo and the other day I was like 'Let's go round to mum's house to see Marley' - not 'lets go round and see mum'...oh dear!!! Batty cat ladies we are.

    As for hair - way too short and no choppiness -just straight boring cut...I look like a not the look I was hoping to sport in a bikini in Barcelona next week...

  2. I knew it! You ARE a cat-stealing ogre! Harry is a good choice though. He's lovely.

    Enjoy your week away.

  3. Yep I know just what you mean - I've always had cats too. Love them, couldn't be without them!

  4. Hello Harry :) I'm exactly the same, and of course it's less mad to talk to cats than it is to talk to yourself. I sing to my cats, they love it! Enjoy your little holiday! x

  5. Harry is a fine-looking fella! Hope he comes round a bit more to you - don't get too attached to him tho lol.. ;) x

  6. Have fun with we know you will. :o)

    Yea without fur babies around it gets rather lonesome doesn't it?

  7. Hello! I couldn't resist popping by from 'Odd socks and pretty frocks' when I saw the title of this post! Totally identify with you! I miss having cats!
    Harry is totally cute! Allow me to offer any advice in the plotting of planss of total cat domination!
    Nice to 'meet' your blog!


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