Thursday, 2 June 2011

May Flickr Favourites

Hurray for May.

Not really, I've just said that because it rhymes. Actually May was not a particularly good month photo-wise. In fact I think it might have been one of the worst, when I just really found myself struggling with finding anything at all to photograph. These things will happen though. And hey! I'm five months in! Who would have thought I'd get this far?

I think I just need to accept that sometimes my life just isn't thrillingly exciting and that's ok. Sometimes all I really do is go to work, come home, play with some cats, do something crafty. Aint no shame in that baby.

Anyway, this month's favourite moments included:

1st May - Reasons why I love this photo: It was sunny. It features food. It involved The Person (oh my god you can totally see part of his arm in the top right of the photo!). At the moment, those three things are pretty much all I need to keep me happy. Yes you may commence gagging now. I don't know, there's just something wonderful about food photographs isn't there? No?!

5th May - I love voting. I do. I'm not given to talking about politics publicly. I grew up in a house where we didn't discuss who voted for which party (I still have no idea who my parents vote for), hence I'm the same and I don't tell people who I vote for. I know people find this both weird and infuriating but it's just the way it is, I have no desire to be defined by the political party I voted for in the last election. I will talk about political things, just not who I voted for.

I do like politics though and steam will start pouring out of my ears should I hear someone say that they didn't vote in the election because they "couldn't be bothered" or because "it won't make any difference." Voting is a privilege and should be exercised accordingly.

10th May - I feel like I'm fated to always be going through some kind of duck drama. The latest saga involves some ducks who have decided to chill out on top of the Guildhall in the city centre. I can see them from my office window and the days are punctuated by me exclaiming "They're bloody back again!" The Guildhall knows about them (yours truly went to the Reception to tell them) and they have in turn phoned the RSPCA. Now we have to wait and see what happens. I don't think they have actually laid eggs up there but I've a feeling they're thinking about it.

12th May - Exciting times that I haven't even shared with you yet! I'm currently housesitting for my Dad and his wife who have gone to their house in France for the summer. They've been away since the beginning of May and won't be returning properly until the end of August, with my Dad coming back for a 4 week stint at the end of June/beginning of July. So I'm living it up on my lonesome. The house is far too big for one person (actually it's far too big for 2 people), so I'm rattling around a bit, but I'm taking full advantage of Sky Plus and superfast broadband while I can.

21st May - Already blogged about this baby here. I love it loads and loads and I've even scored a commission off it. Win! I'd make one for myself but my name's too long and I don't think there's a stick big enough. Plus, you know, I'm 28.

30th May - And you met these guys in my blog post yesterday. There's nothing quite like the feeling of achieving something crafty and these guys were no exception. I love how cool they look and that they're a personalised gift which makes them special, yet they didn't take me forever and a day to make. Hurray.


Another month bites the dust. Hey this time next month I will officially be halfway through. This makes me both excited and also nervous. I have to do another 6 months?!


  1. Another one bites the dust! How fast is this year going please? I'm hurtling towards 30 far too quickly for my liking!

    I get really angry at people who don't vote too, when there are people in this world getting killed fighting for suffrage, grr!

    Loving the ducks and their high vantage point, but eek to the thought of duck babies all the way up there!!

  2. Good selection of pics. Re duck dramas, last night I was out for dinner and a random duck walked into the restaurant, quacked as loud as he could for a bit and then waddled out again. He was clearly lost cos he came back about half an hour later and did it again! It was comical but I'm sure he found his way back as he was gone by the time we headed home, and the restaurant is not that far from the water where the other duckies were. It was a bit odd and lightened the mood for everyone. My hubby told me to stop quacking on about it and eat my dinner!

  3. I'm completely with you on the voting - some very brave and determined women helped ensure our right to vote and I have always believed you have an obligation to vote, especially if you want to have a moan about what is happening in politics! And although I have a pretty good idea how my parents usually vote (they are fairly outspoken in their views!) we have never actually discussed it and I think its nobody else's business, especially the irritating little man outside the polling station who always asks!

  4. I don't see what being 28 has got to do with not having a mobile - I'm the same age and I'd love one!

  5. Hi there, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog - there is a little something for you at mine should you wish to have it! :-)


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