Monday, 27 June 2011

Running Woman Part 5 – Of Tape and Eggs.

Last week’s trip to the physio was a pretty embarrassing one. I had to admit that the shin splints had come back because I was a moron who ran too far.

He agreed that I was indeed a moron and that most likely they’d come back because I’d done too much too soon. But he also said it was good that they were recovering well – the lump that comes up on my shin when they flare up had already gone down by the time I went to see him and the tenderness had disappeared. A week’s recovery was pretty good he said. I have now christened my shin splints lump, Linus.

He said what I thought he might say – go back to the beginning. Back to running for not even 1km. Just up the street and back down again. Then next time for 1km. Then next time for 2km. Exactly the same plan as before. 

Obviously I’m to continue with the exercises, even though I don’t feel like I’m making much progress. He says that I’m doing well with them and to keep going.

But basically I’ve come to the end of the road as far as physio goes. He just said it’s unfortunately one of those things that just might keep happening to me. Or it might not if I build up properly this time. But I know a whole range of stretches to do now once I’ve been running and I have my strengthening exercises and I know what to do if they do flare up, just go back to the beginning again.

I don’t really know what this means as far as running and I are concerned – I guess I see how it goes. There might come a point where it becomes clear that I can’t run any further than a certain distance, I’ll just have to see.

He did try another taping exercise with me however which I feel might be pretty good. It just consists of three seemingly random bits of tape being put across my leg.

They might not look like they’re doing anything but they’re actually pulling my leg round slightly and alleviating the pressure on the front of my shins. As soon as he did it I could feel that it will probably make a difference. And the good news is it’s one I can do myself so I have the tape all purchased ready to go.

I really wanted to go for a test run with this tape but knew I wouldn’t be able to until the weekend. Unfortunately there was a night out on the Friday standing between me and my run. And I was wearing a dress for the night out, not the most amazing of looks. But I didn’t want to ruin my chance to give the tape a whirl so I just went out anyways and hoped that people didn’t look too closely at my leg.

It was a good night and much fun was had. At the end of the night we began the epic battle that is waged every Friday/Saturday night in Hull – trying to find a taxi. Looking for a career? Come and be a black cab driver in Hull, we’re desperately short, no jokes, it’s impossible to find one.

We ended up walking just over a mile until we eventually flagged one down. It stopped on the other side of the road, I ran over to it....and twisted my ankle.

For reals.

If it wasn’t so tragic it would be hilarious. Do you ever get the feeling that someone’s trying to tell you not to do something? If I was one to believe in signs then I would have said that running the Race for Life was not in my destiny this year.

It’s not a terrible sprain. I can actually walk on it pretty well but it’s most definitely swollen and has suddenly turned bright red, I’m hoping for a pretty impressive bruise in the next couple of days. Also, bizarrely, I’ve developed a bruise on the other side of my foot, don’t know what that’s about.

So obviously running and testing out the taping method has been put on hold for some time. I am actually hoping that given a week or so of rest, I might be able to get back out there and give it a little test.

So now in addition to Linus, my shin splints lump, we have Eddie, my Ankle Egg. Eddie had a weekend of being iced and ibuprofen-ed and elevated. And actually he went out on Saturday night as well, but in flat shoes (for the first time ever I would like to point out. Turns out that Hull isn’t really full of short men, they only seem short when you’ve got 4 inch heels on), so he’s not hampering me too much. Even though I’ve christened him, I’m hoping our relationship will be short-lived.

Both ankles for comparison. Spot Eddie sticking out on the right. (Shoes are £6 from Primark btw)

I think I’ll be glad when this Race for Life malarkey is all over.


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  1. That is a truly impressive egg! Can't say quite the same thing about the tape cos it's, well, tape like, but as long as it's doing the job that's all good.

  2. Ouch that's a hell of a lump! Argh so frustrating for you, I feel your pain! Hope you manage to at least jog the RFL, take it easy! xx

  3. have you thought about, you know, staying inside? :p might be a safer option.

  4. Oh my gosh you are just having an awful bit of luck. I hope all is healed soon and you can attempt the running again.


  5. Oh my, I don't know whether to laugh or feel really sorry for you! Bloody typical though, just when you're getting into running...

  6. Ow! As Petit Filoux says - didn't know whether to laugh or send sympathy! (I actually wrote exactly the same words and then looked up at her comment...!) You have a great way of telling a story its impossible not to smile! Hope its not too sore and you are soon back on track! x

  7. Oh lordy - I hope I didn't jinx you with the ankle after my comment on your last running post.

    I have a friend who used to get shin splints and now she runs marathons, so I think it's just a case of building up really slowly. A total pain in the arse, I know, but worth it in the end.

  8. Oh dear! It would appear the running gods are against you missy! I hate when your body lets you down - so much for the notion that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything...pah! xxx

  9. PS Sorry to hear all of this too and hope the pain subsides quickly! xxx


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