Monday, 30 January 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Part 15 - Fred and Lily update

“What have Fred and Lily been up to?” I hear you ask.

They have mostly been acting mad because that’s what they do best.

They had a pretty quiet festive season. They were sadly abandoned for just over 24 hours as Mum and I left on Christmas Day morning and didn’t come back until Boxing Day morning. They naturally behaved as if they hadn’t eaten for weeks.

Lily was in pretty high spirits over Christmas though and performed one of her favourite tricks which is to climb into the washing machine and then sit there looking out at you. She likes to open the door and get any dirty tea towels out and then drag them around the house between her legs, but when the mood takes her she also just likes to sit in there.

The problem is that she can only open the door a little bit so it then swings shut behind her, trapping her in. Or so we thought. She got in there on Christmas Eve and the door closed behind her so I opened it for her to jump out. She was totally uninterested in coming out though and just carried on sitting in there. She came out when she was ready.

The glass on the door as the unfortunate effect of making her look more googly eyed than usual though...

They are little so-and-sos. The other week I had a couple of friends coming round. I came rushing in from work and they swarmed around me for food before buggering off upstairs to do whatever it is they do up there and resolutely ignore me. When my friends got there though, ooh they were down the stairs, squirming about, being all friendly going “Oh hi we’re awesome, are you our friend? You can be our friend. Can you see how lovely I am? I like you. Do you want to stroke me? I like being stroked.” Thanks a bunch you little gits.

They were also my company for New Year’s Eve. Mum had gone away, and rather than her have to pay the cattery fees I said I’d stay and look after them for a few days. I tried to get them all excited about the event but I think Lily’s face says it all.

I even woke them up when the clock struck midnight and took them upstairs to watch the fireworks out of the window. Fred loved them, I think he just thought they were very colourful birds, but when I turned around Lily had disappeared and I found her in the bathroom. My bad. They also didn’t think much to my dancing as I boogied about the living room to Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. Whatevs. They just don’t appreciate good dancing.

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness though. They are horrid little beasts to each other, and Lily especially bullies Fred senseless. She will take absolutely any opportunity that she can to leap on him and chase him about the house and the poor guy never really sees it coming. Most of the time it’s good natured play fighting but Fred is currently sporting an impressive scab on his ear which must have come courtesy of a fight that got out of hand.

‘Til next time cat fans...


  1. She looks very cute in the washing machine, but I'd be scared that I would forget to check she wasn't in there before I put a load on...

  2. Ha she's a big girl in a small washing machine, there's no way you could not see her in there!

  3. Can't get over the washing machine photos - so funny and well cute as well!

  4. Oh Lily, you are too cute. That second washing machine photo just makes me laugh and laugh.

    ps - Where is Fred?? Hiding his scab from the camera?

  5. So I've just read every single post on here and the blog before... It's a good job I like reading!

    You've inspired me to want to learn how to crochet, especially a ripple blanket! I want to make one of these for my mum in shades of purple.

    Oh and I now really, really, really, really want a cat. I've enjoyed hearing about all of the cats you've met even if the Moonface guy was a little scary...

    Now I'm going to follow you and look forward to reading all of your future posts. :)

  6. Oh I love Lily and her mental little face :) Wish my cats were friendly to guests, they're so affectionate to me but scared stiff of anyone else. I'm sure people think I abuse them from their reactions to any approach :(

  7. How cute! I think she did it on purpose so you could take a pic of her! I love Lily...that's her humor coming through.

  8. Oooooooooh she looks so cute in the washing machine! We used to have a British blue style cat when I was a child, called Nero who used to get into the dishwasher when it was left open. You couldn't see him as he was grey and you'd only know about it when you tried to push the rack back in and it would hit something squashy!!!


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