Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Things that have been happening around here.

You know I love a good list post so I thought I’d fill you in quickly on a quick update of my life at the moment.

  • I totally made something new as per my Not Really Resolutions. I made a vegetarian lasagne. Now I’m a girl who does like my meat but very occasionally, the look of something veggie will catch my eye. I roped in a couple of friends to be guinea pigs and we were all pretty impressed with it. It was very filling and I hand on heart didn’t really miss the absence of meat. I also found a recipe for a different veggie lasagne which sounded even nicer so that might be next on my list!

PS It’s really difficult to take appetising pictures of roasted vegetables and crème fraiche and cheese.

  • I’m working on a new cross-stitch thing for my niece’s bedroom. Thinking about it, it will be the biggest cross-stitched piece I’ll have ever completed so that’s exciting. It’s a pattern from the Christmas 2011 CrossStitcher magazine and there’s a tiny little part of me (the girly side apparently) that would secretly like to keep it for myself.

  • I now live in a full house! A new housemate moved in whilst I was away at the wedding at the beginning of the year. She is Irish and I will christen her as Newbie. She seems pretty nice actually, although I haven’t seen that much of her because I feel like I’m out and about a lot of the time at the moment.
  • I've been trying to get back into running but it has been fraught with masses of frustration. I can’t believe how much of my former fitness I've lost and I get incredibly mad with myself. I used to be able to run 5km without too much of a problem, now I'm lucky if I can get to 4km. I know it will eventually come back and I know I have absolutely no-one else to blame but myself, but I am finding it really difficult to remain positive. Especially as my shin splints in my left leg have already re-appeared and I only ran 3.5km one day and then 2km the next. Have been sat, icing my shin and feeling very very sorry for myself. My 10km goal is looking impossible at this point in time because of my incessant injuries. I’ve read everything there is to read about shin splints I know everything there is know about what causes them and how I’m supposed to cure them but it’s just to no avail I’m afraid.
  • I saw a really pretty sunrise this morning.

That is all.


  1. Delia does one of the best veggie lasagne's I have eaten! Good luck on the running - I hurt my back at the weekend so have had to have a couple of days off :-( hopefully back out tomorrow as weirdly I am actually missing it!!

  2. Perhaps you should try swimming or cycling instead?

  3. MMmmmmm that lasagne looks really yummy!! I want to try a veggie one, I do like it! And I love pretty sunrises, you captured a lovely one!

    Kitty xox

  4. Well *I* think that lasagne looks appetising! Yum!

    Argh try not to stress about the running, you've got all year. Just keep doing what you can and the distance will come. It's freezing out there remember, that'll be hard on your body if you're not used to running in those temperatures, never mind having had a break from it too. xx

  5. Sorry to hear about your running :( . The sunrise looks amazing though good camera! That cross-stitch looks impressive and veggie lasagne is always good!

  6. WoWzers! That lasagne looks amaaaazing. Yum! I have been on a diet since three weeks ago and the sight of yummy food like that makes me want to cry, retreat to the kitchen and eat everything in sight...humph. Have another portion and enjoy it for me! :P


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