Friday, 30 January 2015

A little bit of of internet love: Part V

I got into the habit towards the end of last year of spreading the internet love but it faded somewhat a while back, mostly because my To Be Read list on Feedly was a dreadfully terrifying number and I kept putting off catching up with blogs.

But I read this post on Bonjour Blogger the other day and it reminded me that it's important to keep the love going - talk about the posts you like, tell the bloggers that you liked it etc etc.

Plus, if I can fill a blog post with other people's blog posts then that's like blogging without actually blogging.

I've already said the words "blog" and "blogging" too much and now I feel a bit nauseous.

Anyway. On with the love...

1. Have you read any of the Under the Paw books? You should, they are hilarious. But that's an aside. Tom Cox has a Facebook page you should follow, not just because his posts are funny, but because he seems to be followed by a genuinely enormous number of followers who just don't understand that he's joking when he posts. Case in point - this little snippet.

2. More love for the boys coming at you in the shape of a post by Mr X Stitch, the frickin' coolest guy cross stitching that I know. I had already heard wind of The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon and was beyond excited to discover that it's got a pattern in there from Mr X Stitch himself! You know what's missing from your walls? A cross-stitched picture of a Wrestling Guinea Pig, that's what.

3. Juliet has finally given me an excuse to buy Crayola pencil crayons. You can only bloody turn them into lipstick!

4. Oh and if you were feeling hungry, Sarah posted earlier in the month about some incredibly lip-smacking recipes. I've made the blue cheese pasta before and it was so glorious it has stayed with me forever. Now I'm feeling an insatiable urge to make it again...

5. It wouldn't be a little bit of internet love post without a post from Janet. To be fair, I sometimes just feel like linking to her entire blog because everything she writes I love and wish I could claim as my own. At the moment she and another lovely lady called Steph, are organising a Big Blog Clothes Swap an online swap for all shapes and sizes, all you need to do is sign up and you'll be matched with someone else and you can get swapping!

6. Louisa posted an amazing tutorial for some absolutely brilliant looking Tunnocks Teacakes coasters. They look so great and are easy peasy to do. Plus you get to eat for the sake of crafting.

7. Ben over at The Running Dad wrote a very interesting post entitled "Do we really need to run like The Hulk?" a sentiment which I really need to keep in my brain when I go out running. It's not about "smashing it" and being the best there is, it's about just going out and enjoying yourself, something I definitely need to do more of.


So that's a little bit of internet love for you - how about you get sharing too - spread the love people, spread the love.


  1. I've signed up for the big clothes swap - can't wait! (Anything to make the shopping ban a little easier!)

  2. Ah you are too lovely to me! But I feel the same about your blog - I think we are blogging twins.

  3. I love link round up posts, thank you so much for including me! x

  4. Just read the running like Hulk post- really interesting point as I'm currently writing a piece for Mountain Warehouse about the 'go hard or go home' attitude (and I'm guilty of doing it myself) with particular focus on being active on a day to day level- not everyone wants to be active in order to run a marathon or cycle from Mexico to Taiwan or swim the channel and that's cool- being active should be celebrated and enjoyed, whatever level.

  5. Ahh thanks for the shout out lovely! I'm really looking forward to Janet's clothes swap, it's such a fab idea! :-) xx

  6. Some great wee links there - I am off to investigate the Tunnock's teacakes coasters!x


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