Monday, 19 January 2015

Photo an Hour l 17th January

When I discovered that first Photo an Hour date was set for the 17th January I immediately thought to myself that I wouldn't bother. I knew that Saturday 17th January was going to be a fairly rubbish day for me. It would be the first day off I had had in thirteen days as I had gone straight from my first week back at work, straight through a week on-site in Barcelona, straight to another event in London.

In other words I was going to be absolutely shattered.

But I sucked it up and got on with it. After all, someone's day might be busy and someone's day might be lazy - what would mine have in store?

This was Saturday 17th January...

09.30 Quite the luxurious lie in compared to the days I'd had in the previous weeks but I was still shattered as I had not been to bed until gone 4am the day before. Not because I was being a huge party animal, but because other people were being huge party animals and I ended up taking care of some people - taking them to bed when it was time for the party to end, returning them to bed when they decided their party wasn't over...I was incredibly unimpressed. I felt I deserved a fry up.

10.30 In hindsight I should have just packed up and gone home. I left my house at 4.30am the previous Saturday and was keen to just get home, but being the nice person I am I was checking on people and making sure they were ok and helping them to get ready to check out, helping them pack their bags, ringing their rooms to make sure they were still alive etc etc. Oh I'm being serious. There were some real party people and I was rapidly losing my patience, wanting to be out of the hotel and on a train.

11.30 Everyone rounded up, in a taxi and finally at St Pancras station ready to return home.

12.20 Essential train snackagement.

13.30 No photo as I was train sleeping after train snacking

14.20 The best photo of my day. Finally back at home and finally getting to see my two little gerbil bums. I had missed them so much whilst I was away and you know what? I think they missed me.

15.30 Unpacking. A.k.a. chucking everything all over my bed and then sifting through the debris and putting a load of washing on.

16.30 Washing finished and hung up. On-site uniform is where super boring ugly clothes come to die. Black dresses, white shirts, black tights - bleurgh.

17.30 Time to catch up with The Archers after my week away. I could wait for the omnibus the next day but what would be the fun in that when the podcasts are downloaded and ready to go?

18.30 No food in the house. What better excuse than to order a takeaway...

19.45 ...which didn't arrive for over an hour. I was ridiculously hungry.

20.40 On the sofa beneath cushions, blanket and big wrap. I was not up for moving any time soon.

21.30 After a brief nap under my cushion/blanket/wrap pile I decided it was time to blow the candles out before I burned down the flat and take myself to bed where I promptly slept for over twelve hours.


Many thanks to Louisa for hosting - check out her blog for February's Photo an Hour date and don't forget that you can join in on Twitter and Instagram using #photoanhour


  1. Hope your trip was good despite the annoying people to check on. Nothing like coming home and catching up on the Archers. Lilian is back - yay!

  2. Is the Archers something that is easy to get into, having never listened to before? Regardless of excitement of the day's activities, I often find these sorts of posts interesting. Also, I am enjoying the return of regular posts from The Girl :)

    1. Yeah totally! I started listening 4 years ago having never listened to it before other than it being background noise to my Sundays during my childhood.

      It's not as hard as you think to get to grips with who everyone is and there's loads of stuff online if you want background stories on people!

  3. Sounds like a mega trip, fry up followed by haribo is a good treat though! I'm intrigued by the Archers... Last time I listened (I was a kid) someone got run over by a tractor...!
    Glad you got gerbil cuddles and chinese takeaway, I don't think your day was that boring really. My day was spent hiking in mainly blizzards- was too much to do photo an hour!! But maybe my next hike (if the weather's better) I should try it :) x

    1. Ha The Archers is awesome. I wonder who was in the tractor accident - might have to refer to my Mum for the answer on that one, she's usually the person I go to for major Archers questions!

  4. I still haven't got around to listening to any of The Archers! I really must remember to download an omnibus and jump in!

    Thanks for joining in - next month will be February 21st. :)


  5. Yay for taking part in photo an hour! Your fry up looks pretty delicious and by the sound of it, much needed! :-) xx


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