Friday, 2 January 2015

Betwixtmas 2014

Apparently we call the period between Christmas and New Year, Betwixtmas. I heard it on Radio 1 the other day and I liked it. I can be down with the kids.

Betwixtmas for me started off with some fairly major snow late on Boxing Day night. Not a big deal in itself, and quite exciting for most people, but a bit nervewracking for me as the next day I had to drive to Hull. I haven't driven in the snow/ice before and I would also have with me my Mum aka the World's Worst Passenger.

But we made it to Hull which was good because we had to break these two people out of cat prison aka the cattery.

Betwixtmas is a time for many a Fred and Lily photo to be taken. Pay special attention to the top right photo - Lily was nicely asleep on my knee for ages and when Fred saw this he immediately had to come and sit even closer to me because he is a big fat jealous ginger boy.

Betwixtmas was a time for catching up with friends. Catching up with them from 2pm until gone midnight to be precise. Messy. Although the next morning I discovered that I'd had a very productive shopping trip at Sainsburys. Oh and I took the funniest selfie with Lily ever - why does she look so horrified? Because I chased her all around the kitchen grabbing at her to take that photo...

Betwixtmas is also a time for me to dogsit for a day. Which just involves lying on the sofa watching TV with this pair of idiots. I don't know why they always look so sad in photos, I swear to god they're really happy dogs normally.

Betwixtmas is a time for crocheting things that have no purpose and are for you and you alone. I got Kerry Lord's book for Christmas along with some lovely fancy Tofts Alpaca wool (which is eye wateringly expensive when you're used to buying Stylecraft)

Betwixtmas is a time for sitting on your behind, drinking hot chocolate and reading massive 900 page tomes.

Betwixtmas is a time for starting to get organised and fill your fridge up after you have eaten it bare. Before I went shopping I swear to god all I had in my fridge was a bottle of cider, gherkins, Flora and an out of date yoghurt. I love a bit of batch cooking although it drives me mental that I don't have more space in my freezer. Jamie Oliver's basic stew recipe is a winner every time.

Betwixtmas is a time for surprise presents out of the blue from Apple. I have been the proud owner of a first generation iPod Nano for the last 9 years or so. You might not remember first generation iPods, I think they stopped making them a bazillion years ago.

Anyway the battery on mine gradually just got rubbish and wouldn't retain charge. I put out a random tweet saying I felt sad that my iPod's time had come, and a stranger replied pointing me in the direction of Apple's First Generation iPod Replacement Program. I was absolutely convinced it was a scam that was going to steal everything from me but it turns out it was actually true.

I sent my iPod Nano off and Betwixtmas delivered a brand new, latest, 16BG, iPod Nano. I could not believe it. Finally being cheap and not buying the latest model of anything pays off...

Christmas 2014 could suck it but Betwixtmas 2014 I could get on board with.


  1. Someone else reading Shantaram! Goodness, that hurt my hands whenI read it. A friend recommended it to me before I went to India, and I absolutely loved it. How are you finding it?

    1. I absolutely love it too!

      Yeah it is massive but whenever I pick it up I can't put it down. I feel bad though, as I chose it for Alex's BGR and I've a feeling her and the other person doing it must really really reeeeeally hate me right now!

  2. Oooh I like the term Betwixtmas! Mine has been fairly dull, resting, avoiding thesis, attempting to run (lots of walking basically) and too much food!! Haha.
    I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you x x x

  3. I'm so glad you Betwixtmas was better than your Christmas - yay! I usually love the quiet period between the 25th and NYE, but this year I've felt so rotten that I didn't manage to do any of the things I usually love - reading, walking, eating all the food. I'm finally feeling better and am determined to fit A LOT of the above into this weekend!

  4. Betwixtmas is a good word for it! Hope your 2015 is better than this year and hopefully we can have a Norbury reunion perhaos?!

    Maria xxx


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