Monday, 26 January 2015

Weekend Round Up

I feel as if January has completely passed me by. The beginning of the year, followed by two straight weeks of working without a weekend in between, followed by a week of recovery....and now suddenly it's almost February. Hello?

I did have plans to travel to Manchester this weekend but they were cancelled at the last possible minute meaning that this weekend wasn't quite what I had planned but it was honestly pretty good. I was in need of a full weekend at home, I haven't actually had one yet this year.

So this weekend was full of;

I was not cut out for the events industry let me tell you. My six days on-site in Barcelona absolutely trashed me. It's funny really because in the midst of it you just kind of get on with it and happily go troll about during your crazy long working hours, the second I touched down in the UK my body completely crashed. I was dog tired for days and days afterwards and my immune system packed up and I have a cough from hell which I am dragging about with me like a massive mucus-laden load.

Turns out I live pretty close to Europe's Largest Inland Marina (living the furthest away from the coast it's possible to in the UK finally pays off?) so I took a little trip with my sister and recalcitrant nephews (it's just not worth crowbarring teenagers out of the house is it?) to see what it has to offer. It turns out it has a lot of shops that I can't see being open this time in a year, a farmer's shop which sells a load of stuff from Fentimans and a fuck ton of houseboats. Good to know I say.

A while back I pinned a tutorial for crocheted hearts and a friend who is getting married made a comment joking that she would have 100 of them please. She text me over the weekend to say she was trying to make them but was having issues deciphering the pattern - I hauled out the computer to take a look and made one, and then another, and then another. Then I text her and said was her comment serious because I could almost definitely get 100 hearts crocheted in not too much time. I've managed 50 in about 24 hours. They are addictive...

I could have stayed in the house all day on Sunday but at the last minute decided to take a quick trip into Tiny Town to have a cup of tea and a slice of flippin' carrot cake. Because I can.

Gerbil nursing
Friday night saw me have a little freak out when I noticed that Ser Jorah Mormont had blood in his urine. After a dash to Pets at Home to get a box to put him in and a dash to the vets I have the teeniest vials of medicine and the teeniest syringe and the teeniest dosage instructions - a mere 2 drops twice a day. The vet thinks he has a kidney infection but wasn't too concerned about him as he is still his same old self - eating, drinking, eating, eating, digging, eating etc etc. He's taking his medicine like a dream because I put the 2 drops on a piece of nut. I've spent a lot of time this weekend watching gerbils wee. Tyrion has been a champ looking after Ser Jorah, giving him a good ol' groom and has been enjoying his favourite past-time - jumping in the box containing his museli when I'm filling up their food bowl.


  1. Wah, I hope you have a full complement of gerbils back to full health soon! I love the crochet hearts.

  2. Ah Ser Jorah Mormont, what a little trooper! Did chuckle that you spent time watching them wee. The things we do for our furry friends.
    Those hearts are awesome x

  3. The crochet hearts are adorable, I love them! I'm looking forward to our weekend trudge up the hills in Bradgate Park - I'll be in touch about times & stuff later this week.

  4. Replies
    1. Everyone should want a gerbil. They are awesome.

  5. Sounds like a pretty ace weekend really. I saw them there hearts on Twitter, they look fab. My weekend was full of more alcohol than planned and a trip to Exmouth with some lovely weather. I just described all that like you asked/care. You're welcome! :D I do hope Ser Jorah Mormont gets well soon!

    1. I know Exmouth! I have a couple of friends who live there so have been a few times - partied on the beach at new year once :)

  6. Treating - hell yes you can :D

  7. The hearts are lovely, would love to see what she does with them. Hope Ser Jorah is on the mend now :)


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