Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A space for me

There were many odd things that I did immediately post break-up.

One was completely emptying all the cupboards in the kitchen, cleaning them and throwing out things that were past their use by date / bit gross / for no reason whatsoever. Seriously I went to get a lot of things in the couple of months after that I swear I used to have in there and suddenly no longer did.

Second was a take-over of the space that was the spare bedroom. This had been His domain, where his computer was set up. Where, you know, he'd been sat planning his new life, buying furniture for his new flat whilst I sat oblivious in the next room. Maybe it was my subconscious taking control and wanting to clear the room from as many bad memories as possible, or maybe it just wanting to keep myself busy. Who knows. Either way I set to work carving out a space for myself.

My crocheted blankets have found a new home hanging out on the sofa-bed and in the days and weekends immediately following the break-up I found myself actually sitting in here quite a bit. It was where I sat when I was on the phone with family and friends as I recounted the story for the umpteenth time and tried to not cry. It was where I took to sitting in the mornings at the weekend, reading books and drinking tea - the sun streams in through the window first thing and it was actually a really nice habit to get into instead of the usual walking into the lounge and turning the TV on to watch something incredibly not good for my brain.

The desk became a place for me to finally set up my stall to do all my online 'stuff'. Sitting in front of the TV with the laptop burning a hole in my thighs meant that I was never terribly productive. I was too easily distracted from getting stuff done that really needed to be done, like blogging, and also found it too easy to get idly sucked into nonsense on the internet - not really concentrating on the laptop or the TV.

I have seen many an image of people's home offices and have been tainted with the green fingers of envy looking at their perfect shelves and inspirational washi-taped photos, postcards and platitudes taped to the walls. Somehow I'm just never able to pull it off myself though. I just don't possess the ability to create Pinterest-worthy interiors.

And so stuff is randomly stuck on the walls with absolutely no order going on whatsoever. I do mean to try and make these a bit more ordered but it's not going to happen. In fact, it's probably my intense need to make them ordered that is my downfall - as much as I love 'randomness' when I look at pictures I'm just not quite capable of creating it in real life.

Remember, if it's not a right angle it's a......wrong angle!

My favourite and best stuff is reserved for the corner of the desk. I bought this lamp for Ikea. I picked it up and put it down, and picked it up and put it down again. I knew that I didn't really have anywhere to put it but I just bloody loved it and so home it came with me. And I really didn't have anywhere to put it, until I had the chance to make this space my own and out it promptly came.

These two postcards are two of my favourites. I have a slight problem for buying postcards that I'm never going to send to people because I want to keep them for myself. I've never had anything to do with them....until now.

The pigeon postcard makes me smile every, single. day. How could it not? 

The leaf is one that I picked up from the pavement when I was tramping around Leicester with Janet before Christmas. I'm a sucker for leaves in Autumn and it's only fear that people with think I'm a crazy person that I don't constantly stop as I'm walking along and pick them all up. Clearly I am unconcerned about Janet's thoughts about my sanity. 

So this is where I sit when I'm typing up this stuff. Nice to be able to picture where someone is when you're reading the blatherings isn't it?

I'd ask you to show me pictures of your office but I really don't know I'd be able to keep my jealousy in check...


  1. I don't have a office and Martyn is right, I go on about wanting a white house with amazing artwork that looks really chic but I'm a lazy person with clothes on the floor and make up everywhere so my house will never look like that. It must be ever so dull having a spotless house with hours of thought put into symmetry ;) I'm just going to do a post about my non perfect house and I do all my blogging on my bed.

  2. I don't have an office, I don't even have a computer at home. I just blog from my desk at work. Which is dull as.

  3. What a cosy little spot, I love your cushions and blankets on the sofa :)

  4. I kinda of have an office, it's and office come stock room come dumping ground. Eventually whenever we get around to it we're off to build me a computer in there. But now it's just somewhere I pop in and out of. I eventually want to make mine a little more crafty of a space too. But i'm all for haphazard things on the wall, mine are mainly old adverts for crafty things from old magazines, old postcards and posters from old records. I love how you've decorated with all the crochet - the colours really pop!

  5. This is such a cute space, I think it's very blog-worthy! I've recently had a makeover of our office space, which doubles up as my craft room (although I tend to blog at the kitchen table rather than in the office, as the kitchen is warm and the office is FREEZING cold. I make Thomas work there while I hog the radiator in the kitchen)

  6. I'm with Gem, I blog (when I DO blog!) from my bed, surrounded by laundry and cups and other ephemera! I love your little room and LOVE LOVE LOVE the pigeon postcard!!

  7. And what a lovely space it is! The sofa looks so comfy. Like everyone else, I have a desk and yet, I regularly opt for my bed to blog from. Fully agree with not a right angle, it's a wrong angle!

  8. Do you follow Jon Pigeon on Twitter? He's a pigeon and he shuts on Thjngs and people. Funnier than it sound here...
    It's a great space, mine is a complete dumping ground and it's where I work every single day.

  9. This is such a lovely space, that owl lamp is DIVINE!

    Maria xxx


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