Wednesday, 10 November 2010

And now for something a little more lighthearted

You see this is why I like blogging. If I hadn't been a blogger and I hadn't published my post yesterday I would have been left wondering if I was the only person in the world that felt that way about being much much much further down the ladder than all my friends but I am a blogger and I did publish that post and now I can rest assured that of course I'm not the only one to feel that way. And everyone loves a bit of reassurance.

I have to tell you something though. This will most definitely make you laugh. And I swear on my life I am not lying about this.

Literally 10-15 minutes after I hit "Publish Post" yesterday afternoon, I got a call from one of my best friends from university to let me know that her boyfriend proposed over the weekend and she'll hopefully be getting married before summer next year.

Totally serious.

I nearly threw myself in front of a bus on the way home from work.


But let us move on to brighter and (more importantly) funnier things. Last week Hayley at decided to hold a giveaway for some rather lovely Nails Inc nail polishes.

I get irrationally angry sometimes when it comes to giveaways. Mainly because of the squirmy squirmers who never ever comment on anything that people write and yet suddenly come out of the woodwork at the mere whiff of getting free stuff. Not cool guys, not cool. I also decided in my irationally angry state that it shouldn't be as easy as just commenting to be in with a chance of winning, I thought people should work a little harder so I suggested that people should have to write an essay as to why they deserved to win this giveaway. Tim readily agreed with me.

And so, one very boring day at work (shush don't tell anyone) I decided that I would write a bloody essay about why I deserved the nail polishes and I e-mailed it to her straight away.

Hayley has been kind enough to publish it - go HERE to read it, you really should you know. It's all about how I'm rubbish at being a girl. And Tim has even graded it for me.

And no I didn't win the giveaway. I don't want to talk about it...


  1. Oh I kinda feel sad that you didn't win, after all that effort! But I must say, pink AND blue (or was it green?) is just way too mental for me! I like to pretend like I channel the inner chic goddess in me when I do bother to put nail polish on, so tend to stick to red/ whitish pink/ pinky orangy red in the summer - but more to the point, I barely ever make the effort because it takes so bloody long to dry and I just don't have a couple of hours to spare during which i won't be doing anything more strenuous than flicking a magazine, and obviously won't be needing the loo (unzipping jeans is a big no no if my nail drying world)
    oh my, can't belive i had that much to say about nails

  2. I was hoping that this was a *giveaway* post and I would qualify for a non-angered, non-squirmy entry as I probably comment enough to warrant a go, and that I'd get to write an essay for it? Alas.

    Also. I love painting my nails. I find it kind of therapeutic. And omigosh, mental wish list? Yuh-uh. But I hate the ones that don't spread smoothly, or dry too quickly so the coverage isn't even...and have you stopped reading yet? I WANT MIDNIGHT BLUE, but it's three for two, or two for £8 and I can't decide on the other colour, or I end up wanting too many and you can't buy something that's on offer without taking advantage of the offer. Especially if it involoves nail polish. Gee. This really should have been an entry on your blog, yu know ;)

    Where is the attached picture of the two-tone? I HAVE SO DONE THAT.

    ...I may be a little high on butyl acetate. I'm sure you understand.

  3. Oh what a kick in the nads that you didn't win, especially after all that effort. I have a superduper December giveaway lined up though so cross your fingers you're lucky in that one. Haven't quite decided on the win criteria yet - using is not interesting but I feel mean asking for a comment on something in particular and then picking my favourite!

  4. Ha, I agree with so much in that essay! I'm never quite put together either in one way or another. Love my nails ainted but tend to stick to clear on the fingers to avoid the having to walk around with hands in pockets scenario. Barry M is definitely the best around -love the Bright Red!

  5. hihi just saw this and thought of you!

    might have to go have a look around boots or superdrug at lunch time now, i'm feeling an urge to paint my nails! (no no no i'm not fickle - honest)

  6. What with you and my 18 year old, I'm mentally worn down! Up, down, up, down!!!! Email me your address and I'll send you a bottle of nail varnish - what colour do you want? Sorry I can't find you a husband though - I have a terrible record for matchmaking (or meddling as hubby call it!). xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Why didn't you win? I need to go read the I


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