Monday, 29 November 2010

Obligatory snow pictures

Please allow me to get in on this snow action. I hardly ever get to post snow pictures, that's the bad fortune that comes with living in Hull. As we're pretty much below sea level and have about one hill in the vague vicinity, the white stuff doesn't come our way that often and if it does it hardly ever settles.

So you can imagine my smugness when we not only got snow, but that we were some of the first to get snow. Ha. In your face the rest of England.

The view out of my bedroom window yesterday afternoon

This morning was one of the days that made me glad I don't have a car. Whilst everyone was scraping the ice and snow off their cars, I could just begin walking into work, happy as a clam. This is a feeling I'm not sure will last, this morning was fine because the snow was fresh and powdery and therefore not slippy. After a couple of days of being walked on and compacted I think I might have a different view and possibly a broken ankle or two.

But let us not concentrate on the bad things the snow can bring. If I was going to do that I'd have to tell you all about how the pipes were frozen when I came back from my sister's yesterday and remained frozen, despite the heating being on low, until nearly 6pm last night. OR I'd tell you about how the other Stitchettes, who bravely went out to Harrogate to the knitting and stitching show, got more than a little stuck, spending 7 hours on the road in an attempt to make a journey which is normally a couple of hours at the most. OR I'd tell you about how Fred and Lily are trapped at the cattery because Mum couldn't drive out to bring them home yesterday (they'll think they've been abandonned!).

Instead let us ooh and aaah at the prettiness.

Remember Pearson Park from this post at the end of August? This is what it looks like now, there have been plenty attempts at building giant snowmen over the weekend, but for some reason, all of them appear to have been aborted once they've built the body. No commitment some people.

Queen Victoria remains unamused.

The fountain in Queen's Gardens in the middle of town is frozen over and some amazing sheets of ice are hanging over the sides.

Close-up ice action

And do you remember the baby moorhens? I've been meaning to tell you, they're doing incredibly well and thriving, there's at least three or four that have survived which has warmed the cockles of my icy cold heart. I am very pleased to have been there to capture their first experiences with the cold stuff. They seemed pretty confused, whereas the mallards and their mother skidded about with relative ease the babies did not look happy at all and were incredibly tentative as they stepped about the frozen pond. I feel like a proud Mother Moorhen myself.
Brave baby moorhen


  1. Wow the fountain photos are amazing. Thanks for posting these photos as I'm pretty much chained indoors while its icy. I live on a pretty steep hill and whilst I think the mobility scooter might make it down the drive, I'm also pretty sure it won't make it back up again. So once again I'm stranded. BAH! I wanna play in the snow!

  2. We got snow on Saturday morning too and it was so cool! Although no where near as much as you did! Love it when the ducks skid on the ice, makes me laugh out loud!

  3. Lovely lovely pics - it started snowing with me really lightly for about 15 mins...booo!! Love the pics of the fountain and love the little baby moorhens!!

  4. Lovely pics, especially the fountain ones! I think I am in the only part of the country that does not have snow, grrr!

  5. Even those of us who find the snow a totall pain in the ass couldn't not find these pics gorgeous!

  6. I'm also loving the fountain pics - wowzers! Oh and I LOVE seeing the duckies/moorhens/anything really skating about on the ice :) :) :)

  7. They are some amazing pictures all snowy and wonderful - now it is I that is jealous.

    Enjoy the powdery stuff.

    Nina xxx

  8. Love the fountain pictures. I won't get to see them as I refuse to go anywhere I can't walk to in ten minutes. That seven hour journey the other night has left me scarred.

  9. The fountain photos are just stunning and AWWWWWW at the baby moorhen. I would have been proudly cheering it on too.

    It's a good job Harrogate was worth all the travel hassle! Also a very good job that we had provisions in the car and didn't need the loo otherwise things may have got rather awkward.

    ps - yeah, swishing is just a nice name for clothes swapping really. It was good fun :)

  10. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?


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