Friday, 26 November 2010


This is another reason I like blogging, it makes me do things that I might not otherwise do. For instance, if I write in a post that I'm going to get my backside in gear and start joining together my Mum's blanket it's like a timer gets set in my head and I start thinking "Well I have to do it, I said on the blog didn't I?"

And so I am pleased to announce that one day on from posting about getting started on Mum's blanket I can reveal this:

Look! 9 little granny squares all joined up. The middle of the blanket is officially complete. (Does mini dance of celebration.)

I actually felt a little smug to myself, I managed to join all these together during Thursday night's Stitch and Bitch - a few months ago there's no way I would have been that speedy, I'm clearly improving.

I'm still hyperventilating a little because now comes the tricky bit and the joining of the granny stripe squares but that's been pushed to the back of my mind now. I'm off to Ashby de la Zouch with Mum so no more work can be done on it for a couple of days but I have vowed to myself that I will pick it up upon my return on Sunday.


  1. Yay go you, go you, go you!!!! :)
    Have a nice trip x

  2. Erh and what were you doing in Ashby de la Zouch?! Hihi such a funny name, it's just so random!


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