Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Brat attack

I will hold my hands up and say that at times I can be quite the spoilt brat. Now I don’t believe this is my fault (speaking like a true brat) and really, can you blame someone for being a brat if it’s not their fault? No. You can’t.

I was the worst of all combinations – youngest child + only child. Youngest child because, you know, I was the youngest child and everyone knows that everyone loves the youngest best. Sorry people who are older siblings, and even more sorry to those poor souls who are middle children (man you get the raw end of the deal), but everyone loves the youngest best. Only child because my siblings were much older than me (13 and 11 years) and really my formative years took place with just me rattling round the house but also because I was my Dad’s only child.

See? Not my fault I was spoilt. I had no chance.

I try not to be spoilt and most of the time I succeed, but brattishness is a hard mantle to shake. And then if people spoil me I seamlessly shift back in to brat mode and forget my place. Take for instance, the ex. He shamelessly spoilt me and I knew it and I revelled in it, and now that I’m not being treated like an overgrown Persian cat I’m a little bit bewildered.

And then, just when I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m not special and I don’t get everything I want, along came Hayley.

Remember I wrote that post about how much I love nail varnish a few weeks ago? And remember that I whined (with, some might say, a brattish intonation) that I didn’t win the giveaway because the winner was picked by a random number generator?

Hayley indulged me. She sent me a SPECIAL (yes capitals are needed) prize because I am amazing.

And it arrived in the post last week and I didn’t get a chance to photograph it before I went away and I’ve not got around to doing it until now so she’s not allowed to hate me. Also. Yes the next few pictures were taken in the kitchen which was the only place I could vaguely get some light.

As I was over enthusiastic and wrote a whole essay Hayley felt I deserved a prize all of my own and contained within the envelope of glory were the following:

- Nail varnish remover
- Cotton wool pads
- Hand and nail cream
- THREE nail varnishes. COUNT THEM
- Special tin containing special things

She’s a clever girl, with the nail varnish remover in the package I could immediately set up taking the varnish off my nails and putting on a new one, regardless of that fact that I was at work. I did contemplate trying to put all the colours on at once but went for just one, I’d show you a photo but it was removed and replaced with lilac for the wedding.

And the special tin with special things? Well that was very special because it had in it another nail varnish (cue skipping and jumping and hopping dance) in an incredibly vampy red and some eye shadow and an eye liner pencil.

Yes I know, bad photo bad photo but I'm doing my best here people!

I have revelled in my prize. I have showed it repeatedly to people, all the time crowing “I’M VERY SPECIAL. I GOT A SPECIAL PRIZE.”

And now I fear that the brat is back.

So you should just, you know, give me things.


Thanks the Hayley!


  1. hmmm, this is the second time I've read this post. At least.

    I'm a terrible demanding brat. Therefore people like me, want me to be happy and do nice things for me.

    Your logic is flawed m'lady.

    J'accuse! You're actually charming.

  2. Ahhh I fell victim to the brat!!!! I fell in the trap about a year ago didn't I... But I don't mind at all, because you just happen to be a very polite - and funny - brat.

    And I feel I should add - there's nothing wrong with being an only child. No no no. It doesn't make you selfish, it doesn't make you self obsessed, it just makes you want to get the hell out of the house as soon as you're old enough. Hmmm, I'll give you one guess as to what I am.

  3. (and no, the answer is not "at work and should be getting on with WORK rather than faffing around on blogs" - sorry)

  4. Hello! Hard to remember me isn't it?!!! Sorry I have not looked in on you for a while, my brain is in meltdown! I am still not blogging, but there is so much work in the house, I don't know where I would find the time, and would only fret! Loved this post, I think there is always a bit of brat in all of us! Who doesn't like being spoilt hey? I am the youngest child, and for the first 14 yrs of life the only girl in the whole family too! Used to love amusing my Dad and wrapping him round my little finger. Love your gifts! Susie xxx

  5. You lucky lucky brat LOL. To bring you down to earth I'm deliberately NOT going to send you anything, because I do not believe in rewarding bratty behaviour, even if I am secretly wishing I could get away with it and get lots of pretties too!

  6. You lucky devil you. Mind you I do feel that you deserved to win - you sounded very needy of the varnishes in your post!! lol S x

  7. I love your prize, I love the red especially and I love the shot of the recycling caddy.

  8. You are very very special. Very. Yes.

    (You know I mean that in the other way don't you?)

  9. At least you know you are spoilt. Therefore maybe not so spoilt after all

  10. Red nail varnish is the best, I'll be putting some on for my drunken night out on Friday. Along with some red lipstick :D x

  11. Haha brilliant! She is too good to you lol.. I am that worst combination of youngest and only child too... (12 & 16 years younger than my 2 brothers!)... Brat alert!

  12. Oh I don't think that's brattish. The essay was glorious and clearly deserved a prize. V. sweet of Hayley to send you such a super duper one though!

  13. I'll give you something - a sharp talking to! Being "the eldest" child of 3 and having a "youngest" bratish little sister(who still gets everything she wasnts) - as well as a boy child "middle" one (I passed my driving test before him, and worked miles frther away than he did, but on passing his test, he got a car bought for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) . I was also born "Thursdays child" - far to bloody go! Rant over.
    Your parcel looks great though. Its lovely to receive bloggy loveliness through the post. xxx

  14. Love this post and your special prize is awesome and totally deserved! The only thing I've ever won in a competition was a Little House on the Prairie video, out of Look In magazine around 1990... as an only child this is highly distressing!


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