Thursday, 4 November 2010

Inspiration running low

I'm an absent blogger at the moment. I just can't seem to find anything I want to blog about.

I want to blog. I sit here with a blank screen in front of me and will myself to fill it with thoughtful and funny prose but the words appear to have deserted me at the moment.

That and the fact that life has really slowed down at the moment and I haven't actually done anything that might provide me with a bit of blog content.

And so because I really want to blog I'm going to do the worst thing imaginable, which is post about not having anything to post about. That's really bad isn't it? I feel like I'm short-changing everyone that's reading this and I am imaginging you sitting there saying, "By golly gosh, she's swindled me out of my time spent reading this nonsense!" (I like to imagine you all sitting and reading whilst wearing monocles and top hats apparently.)

I feel like I should make this post really worth your while reading.

I'll let you in on a secret.

I'm not Just Me anymore if you catch my drift.

But don't worry, I won't be blogging about it not being just me because, you know, this blog is supposed to be about just me innit?

I should really wrap this up. This is what happens when I blog without planning and forethought, you're actually seeing into the mind of The Girl right now. It's kind of disjointed isn't it?


Edited to add: My god I just read this over and I realise that it could be construed as me saying that I'm pregnant. I'm most definitely not.


  1. No but is there someone new, is that what you're saying??!! Oh go on, tell us more!!!!
    (and it's totally acceptable to post about not knowing what to post about - and yes i'm typing this while reajusting my monocle - only saying)

  2. I say old bean I've just finished twirling my moustache and would love to hear all about your new adventures in the dating world ;)
    Ballyho and all that x

  3. I certainly wasn't swindled! Your edited bit at the end made me laugh!

    Victoria xx

  4. Golly gosh - a new fella! or a new cat? My top hat tipped off my head! xxxxxx

  5. Either someone new...

    Or you're pregnant...

    Or possibly you've bought a cat...

    Or cloned yourself..?

    *crosses fingers for cloning*

  6. Awaiting further other half/cat/person/baby report. Spill the beans.... :)

  7. notes edit: persists in hopes of cloning

  8. ooooooh that's a good secret to have lol...!! Give us some more kitty pics :) x

  9. Interesting. Very interesting. Do tell more :o)

    Sue x

  10. :o) You've always put a smile on my face, this post was no different. And the best of luck on your secret!!!

  11. OMG is it the guinea pig/park guy?
    If so, SCORE!

  12. Oh that's good news, so pleased for you hun. I'm the same, I to am having bit of a blog block. You know that you just can't leave it at the don't you, so come on spill the beans....we are all drooling for more! lol

  13. Spiffing news old bean! Do tell us more...


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