Thursday, 18 November 2010

Growing up

Dear Fred,

How on earth have you gone from being this big...

To this big...

In two years?

God I love that top photo so much. I seriously cannot remember you being that small you know, I mean I knew you were teeny tiny but that small, really?! You got up there by climbing up my leg, aah a time when your itty bitty claws didn't hurt, and then you just fell asleep. Now you hardly ever sleep on me Mr I'm-A-Geown-Up-And-Don't-Need-You.

And while we're at it, why wouldn't you stay bloody still so I could re-create that first picture properly. Damn you for being all big and wriggly and impossible to manipulate.

I love you very much.

Don't get any bigger.


The Girl a.k.a. Other Mum


  1. Awww how tiny was he?!! We saw loads of wee kittens in Egypt, then I couldn't believe how big and fat our ones were in comparison when I got home! You should enter this post for this week's Gallery- Before & After theme
    There is a prize too!!!

  2. Aww, we love you Fred, you big lump!

  3. Oh my word. What an absolutely gorgeous cat. I remember Oscar being that teeny a kitten - he was all ears and paws and unbelievably adorable.

    More cat pics please!

  4. My kittens are only 3 months old and they're not teeny tiny any more. Every day they get bigger and gain access to new, higher parts of the house with more chewable breakable objects on them.

    Yesterday Scree discovered that although he is now tall and strong enough to reach wine rack slot number 4, he's no longer small enough to do a u-turn once he gets inside. It was a little growing up moment for us both.

  5. oooh he's so sweet!!! I so want a ginger cat...

    Loving the outfit in the first photo by the way ;-)

    Red/ pink flowery pillow in second is gorgeous!

  6. I love Fred - he's got such gorgeous colouring.
    I must admit the thought of a kitten climbing my leg using it's claws, isn't a pleasant one - ouch!

  7. Awww...he's a very pretty baby! I think the next baby I get will be a kitty. Mr. Lick Lick would not like that one bit right now though.

  8. Lovely pictures, he's really is beautiful. Lost my own very fat and cuddly moggy back in May and miss him dearly. We now have a very (very) lively Border Terrier puppy tho to keep us entertained! :)

  9. Awww all babies have to grow hon xx

  10. I think he has grown into his name. He definitely suits Fred. More pics please x


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