Saturday, 12 March 2011

Crazy Cat Lady Part 8: My Fred

It’s hard to explain quite why I love Fred so much.

No. Wait. It isn’t.

I love Fred so much because he is a great big softhead. (My Mum calls him a Dopehead by which she means the same thing but I don’t have the energy to go into why it’s not appropriate to call him that.)

Fred is scared of new people and doesn’t give his affection away easily (unlike his sister, who can only be described as a hussy and a floozy). He shies away at first but will eventually come and see you to give you the obligatory sniff, especially if he thinks he’s going to get food off you.

But if he does love you, my goodness do you know about it. He will come and sit on your knee and demand your undivided attention. If you don’t give it to him, he will sit up, facing you and stretch out his paw and place it ever so gently on your chin. If, after several goes of this your response is unacceptable he will start to wail pitifully at you.

His favourite thing in the world is his little pink brush. He’s obsessed with being brushed, he loves it so much that he will come and stare at me when I’m brushing my own hair, wanting to have his turn.

You see what I mean? Softhead.

I always think that he’s a pretty small cat. But I think that might have been because the very first cat I knew was a giant black and white slug called Smudge. I guess that really he’s just average-sized. The other week when I was round at my Mum’s, Fred took up residence on knee, except there isn’t really room for him on my lap anymore so I put my legs up on the sofa and he got himself comfy. When I got up to go to the kitchen he just expanded to fit the space, so he looked a little something like this...

Can you spy with your little eye a certain blanket that I made at Christmas?

I then took approximately 50 gazillion photos of him because he’s a softhead and will let me. Lily would never let me do this, she’d have lunged at the camera after the first couple of goes or she would move too much and the pictures would come out all blurry. But Fred, because he’s a softhead, just lies there.

In fact I would even swear sometimes that he’s posing for me.

(Don’t think I don’t love Lily. I do. She’ll get her own post in time.)


  1. Ahh hello Fred! Sally does that thing where she taps you on the nose if you ignore her, whereas Mavis just shouts for your attention.

  2. He is gorgeous - such a lovely wee face!! There is a photo comp that the Cats Protection League are running, you should enter Fred! U have reminded me I need to brush my cats, they are just big balls of shedding fluff at the min lol.. ;)

  3. So cute. I get a claw in my scalp if I don't wake up fast enough in the morning. She then proceeds to lick my nose to try and pretend it never happened and I must have been dreaming!

    I love the picture with the little paddy paws showing. It always makes me melt. My beast has half pink and half white pads and it when she's asleep I forgive her terror and rule of iron claw.

  4. He is a cutey pie indeed! Love the paws pic...

  5. I've never met Fred, but after reading this I think I love him too! I made audible noises of happiness as I scrolled down the page onto the outstretched-picture-of-contentment photo! Very wise to hold affection back for the right people too. Clever cat! x

  6. I have a ginger and white moggy next to me as I type this (he's having a dream and twitching madly). So obviously I have to claim utter bias when it comes to handsome male cats but Fred is a definite looker! The stretchy photo is ace and HOW CUTE are those paws?!

  7. That is one relaxed cat!! Very cute!

  8. Love the pic of Fred taking up the whole sofa, our dog does that as well. "Oh, you wanted to sit here? Sucks to be you, human slave"

  9. Awww...he's a beautiful baby. I can relate to him sitting there putting his paw on your chin wanting attention. My Leo will do the same thing except he puts his head in between your face and whatever it is that your hands are doing (in my case, crochet). I love Fred's markings.

  10. awww he is a gorgeous puss...I like the small details you mention...we all know your cats now so well!!! xxx

  11. aww what a lovely lovely post. I feel all warm inside. What a wonderful cat he is!


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